America's Got Talent: Who will win 'Gangster Judge' Jay Leno's Golden Buzzer?

There are 18 acts who will be performing in front of the judges for a chance to be one among the 7 acts moving to the live quarter-finals.

America's Got Talent: Who will win 'Gangster Judge' Jay Leno's Golden Buzzer?

America's Got Talent season 14 is heading towards the final round of Judge Cuts this week. 

The series has us hooked to our screens every Tuesday night with its slew of impeccable talent. This week, the show returns for the fourth round of Judge Cuts, and joining the judges - Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandel -  as guest judge is none other than comedian and TV host Jay Leno. 

Eighteen acts will be performing in front of the judges for a chance to be one among the 7 acts to proceed to the live quarter-finals.

The acts include Emanne Beasha, Benicio Bryant, Johnathan Burns, Eric Chien, Nicholas Connors, Callie Day, Voices of Service, DM Nation, Dominguez Poodles, Kara with a K, Jackie Fabulous, Marina Mazepa, Jordan Ravi, Victor Moiseev, SOS, Charlotte Summers, BenTrigger, and duo Zack and Stan. 




Just like the regular judging panel, Leno too gets a Golden Buzzer that he can use to send his favorite act to the live shows.

Prior to the show's airing, the series released a sneak peek where Leno and the other panelists revealed what kind of a judge they think he will be. 

Terry Crews stated that he thinks Leno will be the gangster judge, saying, "I think Jay Leno will be the kind of judge that has seen it all, heard it all, knows it all and will tell the truth. He has no reason to hold back anything. Jay Leno? We're going to see gangster Jay on this one." 

Gabrielle Union said Leno is going to be an amazing judge because of the years of experience he has with talent. Howie Mandel added to that saying, "He knows talent. He has been in the business for over 40 years. He has traveled the world. He has seen it all. Who better to judge?" 

Sharing her thoughts, Julianne Hough said, "I think Jay Leno is going to be an amazing judge because he has seen it all. I mean he is such a legend and has seen talent for so many years, that he knows what he is looking for. I am just excited to sit next to him. Woo-hoo."


Talking about what kind of judge he thinks he will be, Leno said, "I think I was a fair judge. I know how hard people work. I never want to be cruel or mean. And I think I found the good points in everybody, It's just that some were better than the others."

Everyone knows Leno is not new when it comes to talent. As Union said he has been in this industry for over 40 years and seen talent. To speculate who might have the upper hand in winning Leno's Golden Buzzer is not an easy feat. There are high chances that he might use his Golden Buzzer on a variety act, most probably a comedian. 

Each of the 18 contestants who will be performing tomorrow night when the episode returns is unique in their own way. But based on their auditions and how much they impressed the judges, here are a few acts who I think have a chance of winning the Golden Buzzer from Leno. 

Who do you think will win Jay Leno's Golden Buzzer? (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)


Eric Chien: For his audition, Chien stunned the judges with his mindblowing card and coin tricks that had not just the judges' but even our jaws on the floor. If he pulls off what he did for his auditions, there is a high chance he might win Leno's Golden Buzzer. 

Jackie Fabulous: She might have been a lawyer before, but she sure does know how to crack jokes and make you laugh till you cry. Jackie delivered jokes that everyone could relate to and the one about her family has us all in fits of laughter. 

Voices of Service: The singing quartet stirred everyone's emotions with their performance of Katy Perry's "Rise". If Leno does have a soft corner for them, they are sure to get his Golden Buzzer. 

Emanne Beasha: This 10-year-old opera singer could have you think she is older than what she looks. She blew the roof down with her audition performance, and if she does bring her best to stage, she does have a high chance of winning the Golden Buzzer. 


'America's Got Talent' airs every Tuesday night on NBC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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