'American Song Contest': NY's Enisa gets 'Green Light' from fans after 'Montana snoozefest'

'American Song Contest': NY's Enisa gets 'Green Light' from fans after 'Montana snoozefest'
Enisa Nikaj is a contestant on 'American Song Contest' (Twitter)

Safe to say, the fans absolutely loved Enisa's 'Green Light' on 'American Song Contest'. Representing New York, the performer set NYC as the stage background with green lights lighting up her song. Over the years, Enisa has gained popularity for her singles that have a blend of pop and Muslim heritage. She was born to Albanian parents, but later spent much of her life in NY.

The contestants for this week include — Jonah Prill (Montana), Broderick Jones (Kansas), Jordan Smith (Kentucky), King Kyote (Maine), Jocelyn (Nebraska), Chloe Fredericks (North Dakota), Macy Gray (Ohio), Cruz Rock (US Virgin Islands), Almira Zuky (Virginia), and Courtship (Oregon).


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Fans loved the lighting and the setting. "WOW Enisa. New York is a contender on the American Song Contest! I remember a song called Green Light by The American Breed in 1968. It was a different green light. #AmericanSongContest," one of the fans tweeted. "I'm putting in my votes for my girl Enisa y'all better do the same #americansongcontest,' a tweet read. "Green light was fire affff and she looked like ahe been doing this her whole life #AmericanSongContest #enisa," another fan exclaimed.



"Act 3 - Show 2 New York — ENISA — “Green Light” Song was OK but i like the stage persentaion My Score 6," one of the fans remarked. "Yesss Enisa giving us what we want after the Montana snooze fest #AmericanSongContest," one of the fans wrote. "ENISA delivering wooo what a banger!! Love the choreo and the staging with the club feel #AmericanSongContest," a comment read.

Some felt it was rather dull. "Enisa from New York was barely singing live, it was mostly the autotuned backing track we heard. Really disappointing. #AmericanSongContest," a tweet read.

"Enisa’s “Green light” is the first pure Pop banger we’ve gotten so far in #AmericanSongContest . You might be into it or not, but you can’t deny that!! Absolutely current and greatly produced. The staging was so good as well and I would be SHOCKED if this doesn’t make it through," a fan commented.










'American Song Contest' airs on Monday, at 8/7c on NBC. You can vote for your favorite performances on the NBC website, the NBC app, and TikTok. You can also stream your favorite artists' songs on your preferred music streaming app. 

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