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'American Princess': David and Amanda's relationship gets 'very steamy, complicated', says Lucas Neff

In an exclusive interview, Lucas Neff spoke about his role as David and his character's affinity for Georgia Flood's Amanda Klein on Lifetime show 'American Princess'

Lifetime recently premiered its new hour-long comedy 'American Princess'.

The series begins with the dream wedding of socialite Amanda Klein, played by Georgia Flood, getting ruined after she finds her fiancé cheating on her with a hooker. She then pushes the hooker against a drawer and runs away from her wedding.

Not knowing where she is going, Klein ends up in a Renaissance Faire which she assumes to be a themed wedding. She eventually realizes that it is a Renaissance Faire and ends up joining it as a bartender to get away from her regular city life.

If bawdy humor is your cup of tea, then Lifetime's 'American Princess' might be your next go-to favorite summer watch.

(L-R) John Ross Bowie, Seana Kofed, Georgia Flood, Jamie Denbo and Lucas Neff attend the Lifetime Summer Luau on May 20, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)

The series also stars Lucas Neff who plays the role of David a.k.a. Pizzle Humpsalot, the village's mud beggar. Neff rose to fame for his astounding performance in 'Raising Hope'.

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) Neff spoke about his role as David and if there is a possible love interest brewing between David and Klein.

Describing his character, Neff said, "David is a guy who uses who sort of uses his easygoingness as a means of avoiding dealing with the real conflicts in his life. He's a performer at the Renaissance Faire, the mud beggar, so he's naked and covered in mud a lot. And I definitely relate to a guy who, you know, takes somewhat seriously a job that requires you to do incredible things. It's very easy to relate to a performer as a character. So David in many ways is very similar to me. You know, we both have very serious, very silly lives."

Lucas Neff attends the 2019 CBS Upfront at The Plaza on May 15, 2019 in New York City.

Talking about what caught his eye when he read the script the first time, Neff said, "I really like the way it was captured. It felt very silly, but very real to me. I really liked the character, it's something different than the roles I played in the past. Someone who's more grounded and together than some of the characters that I've played before. And I thought the writing was really good and I was very excited about the opportunity to work with Jenji Kohan who is an executive producer of this and she's made so much television that I like 'Orange is the New Black'. I was very excited to get a chance to work with those people." 

Watching the series, it is evident that there are sparks between David and Klein, so we asked Neff if there is a possible love interest brewing between the two. "I think absolutely there are sparks between the two. You know, they face obstacles and are at very different places in their lives, but I think that like as the season goes along and David and Amanda spend more time together things get very, very complicated and very steamy." 

We asked Neff if he were to write a story arc for David, what would it be. He said, "You know, it feels to me like he wants to be liked by everyone. There's a lot of to just be yourself regardless of whether or not you're the most liked or well-liked or popular. I think it can feel very basic but I think not putting so much effort into what other people think of you and really trying to embrace just being an open honest version of yourself.  It would be a really great arc but gross and it can feel basic but I think it's very foundational to a happier more balanced life." 

Talking about some fun behind-the-scenes moments, Neff revealed that, as time went by, the entire setting seemed like it was a real Faire. 

"I mean, we just sort of had a great time together. Over the season the whole Renaissance Faire, it felt like it had become sort of real at the end. I got together and rehearsed and performed a song dedicated to the time we all spent together making the fair happen last summer and it was really beautiful and really silly and really moving. It's something I've never seen on any stuff before. Everybody sort of becoming this unit together. And, yeah, it was great. Everybody was singing and dancing every day. It was great. Amazing."