'American Ninja Warrior Women's Championship' Full Cast List: Meet Jesse Labreck, Jessie Graff and rest of the contestants on NBC's show

'American Ninja Warrior Women's Championship' Full Cast List:  Meet Jesse Labreck, Jessie Graff and rest of the contestants on NBC's show
The cast of 'American Ninja Warrior Women's Championship' (Madyson Blake Howard/ Instagram)

What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to watch 12 incredibly strong women compete for a shot at winning a $50,000 prize! NBC's popular obstacle-based competition show 'American Ninja Warrior' has announced a special competition for women.

Over the years we have watched some amazing women showing off their exceptional skills as they cruised through the various obstacle courses before them on the show. So, the showrunners decided to bring together 12 of the top female Ninjas to take part in this special competition 'American Ninja Warriors Women's Championship'. The first two rounds will feature obstacle courses while the third round will be a Power Tower playoff featuring the top competitors with a prize of $50,000 on the line. Curious to know who the lucky 12 Ninjas are, then read on to know all about them.


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Jessie Graff

Graff is best remembered for her performance during 'American Ninja Warrior' Season 8. Graff describes herself as a "StuntWoman, #NinjaWarrior, Gymnast, Pole Vaulter, CircusGirl, Fitness Nut, and Superhero in training." Speaking of the Women's Championship, Graff said, "I’m excited that I get to do another course. I’m nervous because it always feels weird to me how people compare the women. But I think it’s also going to be really empowering to see how strong all the women are.” She posted on her Instagram about how she filmed for the competition prior to her ACL injury. "Before I tore my ACL and both rotator cuffs, we shot the #AmericanNinjaWarrior #WomensSpecial and it’s finally airing this Sunday on NBC! Remember way back in season five when they asked me if I thought a woman could be strong enough to complete a qualifying course? 😂."




Jesse Labreck

Currently, Labreck is the leading pick among fans on polls about who could win the Women's Championship. While speaking to American Ninja Warrior Nation, Labreck revealed what motivated her to participate in the Women's Championship. "The second I heard about the women’s episode and being able to compete for $50,000, that’s some pretty good motivation. We’re (Jesse and fiancé Chris DiGangi) pretty young in where we are in our life. We still have to pay for a wedding, we just bought our house, we want to have a family. So, there are a lot of things coming up and that would be really helpful and really nice. So, that’s something that’s super motivating. But also, I’m just so goal-oriented, and always very competitive. So, for me, just getting a chance to be on the show is motivating enough to want to train, and be stronger, and be faster, and better than I was the year before.”



Meagan Martin

Martin was Minneapolis City's Season 10 finalist. Aside from participating in 'ANW', Martin is also a professional climber, model, and commentator on ESPN's 'USA Climbing'. In an Instagram post, Martin described how much fun she had while filming for the Women's Championship. "It’s hard to put into words how special it was to be a part of the first ever @ninjawarrior Women’s Championship! The support, camaraderie, laughter, and excitement that was shared by all 12 of the women was incredible! I think if you asked any of us, it was the most fun we’d ever had competing together ❤️!!!"



Allyssa Beird

Beird made her mark on 'ANW' fans with her impressive performance during stage one of season nine National Finals. She is a gymnast, photographer, and also teacher. "Women's Championship, say what?!!??! So honored to have competed with this bada$$ group of ladies! Celebrate this Mother's Day by joining your favorite mother figure on the couch to watch some amazing women rock these obstacles! 7pm EST on @nbc is when you'll want to tune in. One of us will walk away as the first female champion with $50,000!" posted Beird on her Instagram.



Sandy Zimmerman

Zimmerman is one impressive woman. She is a 44-year-old Physical Education teacher from Spokane with three children. She has consistently managed to impress fans with her performance on obstacle courses. Zimmerman described competing in the Women's Championship as an 'incredible event' of her life on her Instagram post. "This SUNDAY #AmericanNinjaWarrior first ever Women’s Championship! By far one of the most incredible events I’ve been a part of competing along side 12 of the most talented, strong, inspiring, empowering women out there! Love you ladies and can’t wait to relive all the amazing moments! 💗"



Tiana Webberley

Webberley is one of the fan-favorite contestants on 'ANW'. She has been competeding on the show since Season 7 and qualified for the Vegas Finals during Season 8. She has participated in all three seasons of Ninja Vs Ninja, her first two as part of Team Ronin and the third as part of team Iron Grip. "Grateful to be apart of the first @ninjawarrior Women’s Championship!! Such a blast running with and cheering for these fantastic friends! Tune in THIS SUNDAY to see how it goes!! 💪💓 #ninjawarrior #strongwomen," she posted on her Instagram.



Mady Howard

Madyson "Mady" Howard is an ICU nurse and former gymnast who first competed on American Ninja Warrior 11 in Seattle-Tacoma. She expressed her joy in being a part of the Women's Championship on her Instagram post with, "Last year I got the opportunity to compete in the first ever ANW Woman’s Championship!! Competing next to all these woman(sic) and cheering each other on was honestly the highlight of filming for me last year. Grateful that I got to be a part of it! It airs this Sunday evening on @nbc."



Jeri D’Aurelio

D'Aurelio is a defense lawyer in the Army, who has been competing on 'ANW' since Season 7. "So honored to have been chosen to be one of the 12 women to compete in the first-ever Women’s Championship on American Ninja Warrior! Tune into NBC at 7/6c this Sunday, 9 May, to see all these BEASTLY women crush! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 (the group pic was taken from a bad angle and does not show all 12 competitors, but I promise they were there)," she posted on her Instagram while promoting the Women's Championship.




Zhanique Lovett

Lovett is a three-time competitor on 'ANW'. She is the owner of Z-Mode Fitness & ZFIT bars. She is the mother of three children and hails from Los Angeles.



Rachael Goldstein

Goldstein is an occupational therapist from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. She was once a top gymnast and has trained with Jamie Rahn and Sean Darling-Hammond, her training partners.




Ashley McConville 

McConville has competed twice on American Ninja Warrior. Ashley first competed in American Ninja Warrior 11 in Atlanta.



Michelle Warnky Buurma

Warnky is the co-owner of MLAB Ohio. She has appeared on 'ANW' since Season 5.




'The American Ninja Warrior Women’s Championship' will air on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 9, from 7-9 pm on NBC.

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