'American Ninja Warrior' Season 12 Semifinals: Tyler nails corkscrew and dungeons, fans say he 'owned the course'

'American Ninja Warrior' Season 12 Semifinals: Tyler nails corkscrew and dungeons, fans say he 'owned the course'
Tyler Gillett (NBC)

Ever since the age of 14, Tyler Gillett dreamt of competing on 'American Ninja Warrior'. As soon as he turned 21, he began competing on the show and has consistently impressed fans with his impeccable performance. After making it to the semifinals of the Season 12 'American Ninja Warrior', Tyler is leaving no stone unturned to make his dream of becoming the ultimate ninja warrior come true. 

Alongside fulfilling his dream of becoming a ninja warrior, Tyler also decided to use his platform and voice to spread awareness about pancreatic cancer. While competing in the semifinals, he wore a shirt, which had "Team Bill" written on it. He revealed that he was dedicating his run to his cousin, Bill, who was battling stage four of pancreatic cancer. Bill was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer about a year ago. He successfully managed to fight off cancer, but unfortunately, it returned a few months ago, and doctors have given Bill only a few weeks to live. 

In his true ninja warrior spirit, Tyler isn't ready to give up on the battle just yet. So he ran through the obstacle course with a spirit of fighting until the end, and encouraging his cousin to do the same. We saw Tyler crush each of the ten obstacles laid ahead of him with determination and grit. He was the first contestant to successfully complete the dungeon obstacle, and also to complete the course. 

The recently introduced Corkscrew obstacle proved to be a challenge to him too. Although he managed to move unscathed through the first two pins, on the third pin, he nearly twisted his wrist. Despite the pain, he continued moving and went on to cross the dungeon. Finally, when he made it to the top of the Spider Trap, he nearly slipped and fell, but managed to regain his balance by throwing himself near the buzzer, and pressing it in honor of his brave cousin, Bill. 

Fans were impressed by Tyler's performance and showered him with praises. A fan tweeted, "This is amazing #and #americanninjawarrior #teambill Tyler go go go! #beatcancer @nbc." "I thought it would be impossible for anyone to complete this course! But Tyler proved that it’s possible with strength and determination! #AmericanNinjaWarrior," wrote a fan. Another fan expressed, "Between the corkscrew and the dungeon Tyler Gillette owned the course #AmericanNinjaWarrior."




'American Ninja Warrior' Season 12 airs every Monday at 8/7c only on NBC. 

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