'American Idol' season 17's Alejandro Aranda has fans divided over his rise to the Top 10

While he has a major fan following for his talent and unique style, some fans claim he is overrated and a one trick pony

                            'American Idol' season 17's Alejandro Aranda has fans divided over his rise to the Top 10

The top 10 contestants for 'American Idol'  were revealed this week during its first live show of the season. While it was sad to see four contestants get eliminated, they made their mark. Among the top 10 contestants who made it through to next week's Disney Night, seven of them were voted directly by America, while the other three were picked by each judge after their 'Sing for life' performance.

On Sunday night, when the next episode of 'American Idol' airs, we will get to see the Top 10 perform their rendition of Disney songs. This season the series brings in Rebel Wilson as their Disney Night mentor. Now that the contestants have been filtered down to the top 10, the competition has become tougher compared to the start of the auditions. But there are a few front runners who have a higher chance of making it all the way through compared to the rest. One among them is Alejandro Aranda.



From the start of his auditions till his Top 10 performance last week, he has surprised everyone with his impeccable voice and talent. The judges have also been in awe of his singing and songwriting skills. Apart from the judges, Aranda has been getting appreciation from other celebrities as well. One of them includes Stevie Nicks. The star praised Aranda on an Instagram post saying, he "will play and sing across the great stages of the world."

While he has a major fan following for his talent, some fans claim he is overrated and a one trick pony. His fan base, however, thinks otherwise which has left the show's fans divided. "Yes, he's very talented, but all of his performances sound the same and are kind of forgettable. He's got a specific style that unfortunately has left him looking like a one trick pony," wrote a fan on Reddit.



Adding to that another fan said, "Idk, I loved his performance tonight but his last couple has been shaky IMO and I wasn’t big on his audition. He’s pretty hit or miss and I definitely don’t think he’s clearly the best like everyone is saying." 

But a larger fan base seems to think otherwise. One fan said, "I can see how he's not everyone's cup of tea. He definitely doesn't have strong vocals or a particularly unique voice. But his strength is in his musicianship and artistry. Usually I have a favorite and can admire their performance/vocals and root for them throughout the competition but usually forget about them after. But Alejandro is absolutely someone I will follow post-show and have already been listening to his music frequently. I'm so ready to just get his album and go to his shows."



Another fan said, "He is not overrated. If anything he is underrated. But I can see how for many he is not their cup of tea. He is in a pop star competition but he is not a pop star." We cannot wait to see how Aranda performs during his Disney Night performance and see if he will bring out some new tricks and impress fans again. 

'American Idol' airs every Sunday and Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information.