'American Idol' fans are happy show has been renewed for a new season but want a new set of judges

'American Idol' fans are happy show has been renewed for a new season but want a new set of judges

If you were sad that 'American Idol' season 17 is coming to an end, worry not because the reality TV competition has been renewed for another season. 

Ahead of its grand finale on Sunday night, the series announced that it will be returning for its 3rd season on ABC. Overall it will be the18th season of the series. Before 'American Idol' started airing on ABC, it ran on Fox for 15 seasons. Though the season has been renewed, there is no information about the judges. It is still unclear if the same trio -- Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan -- will continue or will there be a new set of judges. 

Compared to season 16, the current season of 'American Idol' has been doing pretty well with its ratings. Its 2-hour Sunday night episode is ranking second as the highest-rated unscripted series on ABC after 'The Bachelor'. 

Alejandro Aranda, Madison Vandenburg, Laine Hardy - (ABC/Eric McCandless)


Though fans are happy that the series has been renewed for another season, they are requesting the producers to change the judges. Some fans also state that they want the series to be longer and probably show the number of votes each contestant gets. 

"Although I love the judges individually I do not like them as judges on American Idol. The show was too much about them," wrote a fan on Twitter. Another fan said, "With new judges hopefully. Sorry but the lack of constructive criticism has become unbearable. Adam Lambert and Laura Daigle were both great mentors and on my wish list. 3rd maybe Chris Daughtry." 

Adding to that another fan said, "America wants and needs judges that critique the singing. (Like Simon). We don’t want judges that puff up the contestants with a bunch of praise. Then it becomes just a popularity contest. This is a singing competition!." 

Talking about the voting system a fan said, "I wish they actually showed us the votes. I wanna know how many votes are actually coming in & how drastic/close the votes actually are.." Adding to that another fan wrote, "Hopefully you get your voting system figured out because I tell you what the credibility of the show is not there people think it's fixed." 


Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie - (ABC/Eric McCandless)


Fans also state that they would like season 18 to be longer. "You need to change the set up. Not fair to vote only east time! The need to have more lives like the old days. Respect the kids and give them a chance to be more on air. We don’t like the massive elimination. Sad because this year you had great voices!" said a fan. 

While another fan said, "Longer season next year please Oh & congrats Idol!" 

Though 'American Idol' has been renewed for a new season, and fans are happy about it, most are waiting in anticipation to see who will be crowned the winner this season. The finalists for 'American Idol' season 17 are Alejandro Aranda, Laine Hardy and Madison Vandenburg. 


'American Idol' season 17 will with its grand finale on Sunday night on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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