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'American Idol' Season 18: Fans are overjoyed to see DeWayne Crocker's grandmother sway to 'Old Town Road'

Fans are rooting for DeWayne, affirming they can't wait to see him and his grandmothers steal the show once again
DeWayne Crocker Jr (ABC/Karen Neal)
DeWayne Crocker Jr (ABC/Karen Neal)

DeWayne  Crocker Jr has fans wanting to become part of his family after his great-grandmother and grandmother steal the spotlight on Sunday night. 

'American Idol' Season 18 returned on Sunday night, and it wasn't all fun in the beaches at Aulani Disney resorts in Hawaii, for the Top 40 contestants. While half of the contestants advanced to Top 20, it was a sad end for the remaining contestants. 

Just Sam, Nick Merico, Louis Knight, Jonny West were amongst the contestants who advanced to Top 20 on Sunday night. And joining them was DeWayne Crocker Jr who rocked the stage with his own spin on 'Old Town Road (Remix)' by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. 

He looked completely different compared to the DeWayne that auditioned for the judges when the series premiered. He combined the song with reggae and kept it playful. Rocking the cowboy hat, he ended his performance by tipping his hat to the audience. The song was much more complex than the original, and he managed to pull it off. 

“That was one of our favorite performances. Not only were we thoroughly entertained, but you sounded great. You played all of us and you played it well," Katy Perry shared. Lionel Richie was worried if the song would become too gimmicky, but then he was impressed by it as well. 

Without a doubt, DeWayne made it to the Top 20. While fans and viewers were glad he made it through, they were more impressed with his great-grandmother and grandmother who stole the spotlight. 

During his performance, his grandmothers and the rest of the family were in the crowd dancing and cheering him on. After he advanced to the Top 20, he celebrated the news by dancing with his great-grandmother, grandmother, and family. 

Seeing them dance and enjoy themselves, fans are rooting for DeWayne, affirming they can't wait to see him and his grandmothers steal the show once again. Taking to Twitter, a fan wrote, "Idk how many of you watch American idol but Dewayne absolutely killed old town rd omg I’m in love #AmericanIdol." 

"I wanna be a part of the DeWayne Crocker Jr family! Fun people. Love their energy! Nice job DeWayne! #Americanidol," a fan said. While another shared, "Dewayne ROCKED IT!!! And his 2 grandma/great grandmas? Hilarious and awesome!!!! #AmericanIdol." 

"30 minutes in and I’m crying over Dewayne & his family lmao someone help me," a fan wrote, Another added, "Yay DeWayne & his grandma. I'd vote for him just to get into the top 10 #AmericanIdol." 

"Can I vote for DeWayne’s great-grandma?? @AmericanIdol," a fan wrote. 

'American Idol' Season 18 airs every Sunday and Monday night only on ABC. Check your local listings for more information.