'American Idol' Season 18: Charlie Puth, Stevie Wonder among celebrity guests for remotely filmed Top 10 episode

'American Idol' Season 18: Charlie Puth, Stevie Wonder among celebrity guests for remotely filmed Top 10 episode
Charlie Puth (Getty Images)

The COVID-19 crisis is not going to stop TV. It's getting made, albeit remotely. And 'American Idol' has sort of been one of the best examples of how to do it right. The makers, after having the contestants perform from home, now have another surprise up their sleeves. 

It is all set to welcome celebrity guests Charlie Puth, Stevie Wonder, Darius Rucker, and Phillip Phillips in yet another remote episode titled 'On with the Show: Homeward Bound.'

The special episode is scheduled to air May 3, Sunday. It will be a two-hour special and will determine the fate of the performers as they will be informed of who has made it to the top 10, based on viewers' votes, People confirmed.

As mentioned earlier, this isn't the first time that the contestants will be putting up a show out of the comfort of their homes. Last week, Ryan Seacrest, the judges - Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie - and the show's 20 contestants came together to tape a full-fledged episode proving the pandemic will not stop them. 

But, it's not been an easy task. Katy thought that judging a live performance is entirely different from what the entire unit has been pushed to do in these times. "The disadvantages would be that they don’t get the opportunity to play off of an audience," she told the site in a recently-concluded conference call and added that the judges' reactions are delayed and therefore, not very spontaneous.

However, she is not complaining and has said how everyone has managed to pull it off despite the limitations. " All things considered, I would say with all the circumstances, I think we’re really proud of it," the singer-judge further shared. 

Mentor Bobby Bones also weighed in on filming the show remotely and how everyone has been in different cities and how different it has been for the singers. He understands that they are having to set up their own studios, do things they have never done before, but also encouraged them by saying "Hey, this is just something that happens."

Catch the next episode of 'American Idol' on ABC on Sunday. 

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