'American Idol' Season 18: Just Sam's magical 'Cindrella' moment proves she has 'victory' in her voice'

Tonight's performances were doubly special, as the Top 7 contestants sang some Disney classics along with special dedications for Mother's Day

                            'American Idol' Season 18: Just Sam's magical 'Cindrella' moment proves she has 'victory' in her voice'
Just Sam (ABC)

New York-based singer Just Sam just dazzled American viewers with two amazing performances on singing competition 'American Idol' this Sunday night.

Once again, due to the ongoing coronavirus lockdown, we were treated to a special remote access home edition of the show on May 10, as the remaining 'Idol' contestants sang from their homes while their watching friends, family and fans cheered them on.

Tonight, we learned that Samantha Diaz aka Just Sam had made it into the Top 7 tier of the contest, joining other talented names such as Arthur Gunn, Dillon James, Julia Gargano, Francisco Martin, Louis Knight and Jonny West.

The exceptionally gifted Sam celebrated her magical moment by soulfully tugging at our heartstrings with the classic 'A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes' from the treasured Disney film 'Cinderella'. 

Just Sam (ABC)

Sam's lovely rendition of the Disney theme was appropriately fitting, as the ABC network had just aired the 'Disney Family Singalong' on the previous timeslot before 'American Idol' and Sam's wonderful journey on the show has now finally culminated in her very own Cinderella moment.

Much like Cinderella, Sam has undergone an incredible rags-to-riches transformation on the show. Prior to making a name for herself on the star search contest, the self-confessed crybaby had been raised in the projects of New York and was singing on the subway in order to make ends meet.

But as the singing competition progressed and public support for her grew, Sam gained more confidence in her abilities. 


She has now bloomed into a beautiful self-assured singer, blessed with a divine and expressive voice. Her second song was a special Mother's Day dedication for her beloved grandmother, who had raised Sam after her parents abandoned her.

Sam chose to sing Christina Aguilera's 'I Turn To You' and you can tell that she meant every meaningful word of the song as she sang it with heartfelt emotion, intense power, and remarkable feeling, making for an incredibly moving performance. 

Ecstatic judges also commented on how much Sam had blossomed on the show. Lionel Richie remarked that she was no longer Just Sam, but Sam the star instead.

Luke Bryan marveled at how her superlative voice held up at every level of her range, sounding full and magical in her midrange as well as in her high register. Katy Perry was also thrilled by her transformation into a star on the show, and observed that "Not only do you have a testimony, but you have a victory in your voice."


Sam's fans were also really happy to learn that she had made it to the Top 7. One admirer said, "Just Sam's voice is so clear and smooth... amazing."

Another avid follower exclaimed, "Just when I said I’ll never watch American Idol again, someone like Just Sam signs up and steals my heart. Her voice and style remind me of Shirley Caesar. She has impeccable control and range. I feel her story when she sings. You go girl!"

If you'd like Just Sam's fairytale journey to end in her winning the crown, make sure you vote for her on text message or the 'American Idol' app. The voting window closes at 9 am ET on May 11, so move as quickly as you can. See you next Sunday night at 8 pm ET on the ABC network for more 'American Idol'.

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