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'American Idol' Season 18 Hollywood Week: Zack murders duet with Courtney, pissed fans say he wanted to 'go home'

After changing songs and spending what was endless hours of rehearsing the song, Zack gave nothing but excuses
Zack Dobbins, Courtney Simmons (ABC/Eric McCandless)
Zack Dobbins, Courtney Simmons (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Things are really changing on 'American Idol' Season 18. The series returned on March 22 as Hollywood week continued, not with its usual group rounds, but duets. 

'American Idol' threw a curveball this season as the series decided to change things and introduced duets instead of the usual groups. This added to the extra pressure contestants would have already been going through as Hollywood week continued. While a few contestants found their perfect partner and breezed through their duets, there were a few who let their nerves get the best of them. 

Among those sent home during the duets, were some fan favorites predicted to be front-runners further into the competition. One such duet that left fans and viewers infuriated was that of Zack Dobbins and Courtney Simmons.

After changing songs and spending what was endless hours of rehearsing the song, Zack, in the end, gave up and did nothing except coming up with excuses. He couldn't remember any of the lyrics to the song, and was lethargic about it. The duo had decided to sing Ariana Grande's 'Dangerous Woman' and Zack delivered zero effort. Zilch! 


With nerves getting to her, Courtney didn't perform that great either. But she sure would have been much more confident if she had a different partner, or at least a little more serious Zack. Lionel shared that one can give up backstage but never on stage. The judges didn't send either of the contestants to the next round and eliminated both.

Walking out, Zack excitedly revealed he couldn't wait to get home. This angered viewers even more. Taking to Twitter post the performance, viewers affirmed that Zack shouldn't have been paired with Courtney in the firsthand. It was he who sabotaged the duet.

"zack truly screwed that up for her!! you could tell he didn’t care and he just let courtney take the fall too, she should’ve been given another chance #AmericanIdol," a fan wrote. While another said, "Exactly! Zack was ready to go home. Courtney barely made it in the competition... Meanwhile, couples before them, sounded equally terrible & still made it through. #AmericanIdol."

"Zack screwed Courtney. She deserved better. She was good, even though she got stuck with a quitter. #AmericanIdol," a fan said. Adding to that another wrote, "Exactly! Courtney had to pick up Zack’s part. He just gave up. I’m possessed to the highest level of pissivity."

"Zack just blew her off! She should have drop him as a partner. Both should tried much harder TOGETHER," a fan said. Another added, "Zack sabotaged her, if he wanted to go home he could’ve been went his ass home without dragging her down, she deserves to stay that’s literally trash he did all that because he wanted to go home and then he dragged her down with him and found it humorous #AmericanIdol." 

Do you think Zack dragged Courtney down with him? Let us know in the comments below. 

'American Idol' Season 18 airs every Sunday and Monday night only on ABC. Check your local listings for more information.