'American Idol' Season 18 Finale: Katy Perry debuts 'Daisies' as Luke Bryan has fans jiving to his new song

Bryan sang his latest summer bop 'One Margarita' while Perry treated viewers to a cinematic performance of 'Daisies

                            'American Idol' Season 18 Finale: Katy Perry debuts 'Daisies' as Luke Bryan has fans jiving to his new song
Katy Perry and Luke Bryan (Getty Images)

American Idol judges Luke Bryan and Katy Perry gave us all the summer vibes with their performances tonight. Bryan sang his latest single 'One Margarita' while Perry debuted her new single 'Daisies'.

When asked by host Ryan Seacrest to introduce his song, Bryan simply stated, "It's a drinkin' song, Ryan." He added the song was for viewers who needed three minutes to get up and make themselves a Margarita.

"AHHHHH @LukeBryanOnline IS PERFOMING #OneMargarita on #IdolFinale! IM SO EXCITEDDDDDDD," tweeted one excited fan,  while another shared, "One Margarita by @LukeBryanOnline is one of my favorite songs by him."

Luke Bryan and his band performing 'One Margarita' on the finale of 'American Idol' Season 18 (ABC)

"@LukeBryanOnline givin’ us all some GOOD Country lovin’ with his Singing! Here’s to you, Luke!" said one fan, and another stated, "Love the Margarita performance, Luke!!! #IdolFinale #AmericanIdol Got my drank poe'd up and rocking out with you! #Salute."

Some weren't fans of the performance, however, tweeting, "Luke Bryan looks so awkward singing this!!!!! #idolfinale why are your hands in your pockets!?"

If he seemed a tad bit out of place, it might be because he isn't used to being on stage all alone. As Bryan himself tweeted, "So glad to get all my band guys back together, well virtually at least. Hope y’all enjoyed it." One fan responded, "Loved seeing the band missed seeing y'all together."

Perry's performance of 'Daisies' definitely stole the show tonight with the artiste giving us a gorgeously-produced stage to savor.

Katy Perry performing 'Daisies' on the finale of 'American Idol' Season 18 (ABC)

"These visuals are incredible!" tweeted one fan, another stated, "Technology is so cool omg this performance #IdolFinale," and one fan sent Perry's gorgeous look some love, stating, "A WHOLE *SS SERVE."

One fan said, "That Katy Perry performance was a straight up music video! That was amazing," and another declared, "Um Katy is giving the best quarantine performance I’ve seen from an artist since the pandemic began. #IdolFinale."

"I cried watching @katyperry performing #DAISIES on @AmericanIdol #IdolFinale and no one can judge me (I know you did the same!)," tweeted one fan while another stated, "The fact #katyperry's performance is 100% live!! She did that!"

"Obsessed with this performance of #DAISIES & @katyperry," said one fan, and one shared, "I’ve had #Daisies on repeat all week. I’m so ready for the album, @katyperry!"

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