Wada Cota wins over 'American Idol' fans and judges with his impeccable voice

Wada Cota wins over 'American Idol' fans and judges with his impeccable voice

'American Idol' has been running for 17 seasons, and before the season could premiere a month ago the series was not the talk of the town. But currently, the reality TV competition is getting a lot of attention from fans and viewers from all over because of the impeccable talent featured in season 17. 

The series might be on thin ice right now because the ratings haven't been as good as the glory days when the series first premiered, but that does not mean they are backing out easily as they have some really good talent this season. One contestant among this impeccable talent is Wade Cota. Cota is considered to be among the front runners with a high chance of making it to the finals this year.


His most recent performance of “All I Want” by Kodaline brought out the best we have seen of him to date. The judges were nothing less than impressed as Luke Bryan said, "A star is born." He made a lasting impression, so, who is Wade Cota and why do fans love him so much? Here is the rundown.

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, the 27-year-old's audition was aired during the third episode of 'American Idol' season 17. He managed to steal the hearts of judges and fans right from his first performance. Before he sang, Cota spoke about his heartbreaking childhood where he was beaten by his father. “My real dad -- or, I’m going to restart that -- my biological father...he was the devil,” Cota said as he tried to control his emotions. 


He also revealed his father used to beat his mother and siblings as well. Cota showed the physical scars that his father caused. “This scar in my face came from him and I have a crack in my skull from my eye socket right here,” he said. 

Cota was the youngest of his siblings. He revealed that the last straw for his mom was when she came home and found his father kicking him on his ribs across the floor. Before his audition on 'American Idol' Cota played shows with his band and during the day he is a vocal coach.


Even though Cota has faced trauma in his childhood, the singer has come out on the top because of his voice. His voice leaves everyone with goosebumps. And now that Cota has made his way into the Top 20, he has also gathered a huge fan base and they all love and support him for his breathtaking talent.

"I love his voice so much. Have been rooting for him from the beginning. He is among the contestants this year that have such a unique sound that you would know who they were if their song came up on the radio," wrote a fan. While another added, "Wade Cota picks a song that makes you sit up and listen. He had undertones that were doing harmony with his undertones. Love his voice! Good luck man #AmericanIdol #Top40." 



Paul Rieckhoff a writer, social entrepreneur, advocate, activist and veteran of the United States Army and the Iraq War revealed what he thought of Cota: "@WadeCota’s voice is a hurricane. It’s speaks to my soul. All those hard times built that voice. I’m rooting for you, man. No matter how #AmericanIdol turns out." 

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