American Idol's fan-favorite Uche Ndubizu on his equation with the other contestants: 'We were all pretty much like a family'

American Idol's fan-favorite Uche Ndubizu on his equation with the other contestants: 'We were all pretty much like a family'

Even though it might seem like 'American Idol' premiered just recently, the series has almost come to an end with just six contestants left battling for a chance to win the title this season. 

With some impeccable talent on display this season, fans were saddened when they had to say goodbye to their favorite contestants after they were eliminated. One such fan favorite who got eliminated is Uche Ndubizu. Uche made it to the Top 10, but was eliminated during Disney night after he received less votes compared to the other contestants. Though he was saved by judge Lionel Richie, he didn't make it past the Top 10 which left many fans disappointed. 

(ABC/Eric McCandless) Uche

Given the title of Mr. Entertainment by Lionel Richie himself, Uche is now concentrating on releasing new music.

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Uche revealed who he thought has the highest chance of winning the competition, and some fun behind the scene moments from his time on the competition. 

"If you look at it in numbers, I think Alejandro and Laine have the biggest following. So I think it might be one of them who would end up winning this season," the former contestant revealed. 

Talking about some fun behind the scene moments, Uche revealed, "We were all pretty much like a family. We all get along really really well. We had crazy times like best friends. We also had an American Idol Bible club. Like on Wednesdays we would read the bible and pray. They were really supportive. So yeah, it was really cool when we were all together." 

. (ABC/Eric McCandless) Uche and Rebel Wilson

On being asked who his biggest inspirations are, Uche revealed, "There are many, like Janet Jackson for example." He also talked about his parents support for his passion for music and dance. "For the most part yeah they have been supportive, but yeah during the start they didn't totally, but when I started dancing and getting better at it they were like 'Oh ok, he is serious about this.'" 

'American Idol' airs every Sunday and Monday night on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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