"Dream come true," American Idol season 17 contestant Uche Ndubizu on performing infront of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie

"Dream come true," American Idol season 17 contestant Uche Ndubizu on performing infront of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie

'American Idol' season 17 is approaching its end with only 6 contestants left in the reckoning. Throughout the season we've seen some impeccable talent that made it through the auditions and till the live shows. The competition this season was among the toughest as the contestants were all unique performers in their own way. 

Though contestants were eliminated, we might get to see a few contestants audition again next season. One fan favorite contestant who was eliminated last week during Disney Night was Uche Ndubizu. Uche was given the title 'Mr. Entertainer' by judge Lionel Richie and he made it till the Top 10 and got eliminated last week due to low votes. But that hasn't stopped Uche from following his dreams. 

Uche, Ryan Seacrest, Dimitrius Graham (ABC/Eric McCandless) 


In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Uche spoke about his time on the competition, how it was to perform in front of judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie, and what his plans are for the future. 

Uche revealed how he has been holding up ever since he got eliminated last week. "Honestly, I feel super happy, super content, and super excited for the future. Just getting eliminated last week, I kind of had an idea of how it was going to go down. I just feel like American Idol has been so much amazing to me so far that you know like it's time to see what's next," said the former contestant. 

Uche plans on making new music (ABC/Eric McCandless) 


Talking about how it is to perform on 'American Idol,' especially in front of the judges, Uche said, "Honestly, It was a dream come true. I feel like God is with me the whole time. I feel like every time I took the stage like God kind of showed himself a little more especially with the judge's reactions and crazy positivity affect performance. You know Katy Perry thinking twice then, you know Lionel saving me. So even performing for them has been the subject of such a blessing and thrilling every time I got on stage." 


Uche made it till the Top 10, no small achievement considering the impeccable talent we got to witness throughout the season starting from the auditions.

When we asked Uche if he thought he would made it so far, he said, "Honestly no. That is why during the first audition I didn't have my family with me because I thought I wasn't going to make it. And so to make it to the top 10 is like been a blessing. I mean it's like the icing on the cake." 

Uche said it was a dream performing in front of the three judges (ABC/Eric McCandless) 


When asked if he will continue to be a wedding singer, or if he is currently working on new music, Uche said, "I definitely am working on new music, working on a new album. I got hit up by all the legends that I had mentioned during the first audition. Well, all those guys got my number and have been contacting me and emailing me about making new music. So I am probably going to get in the studio with them and make new music for the world." 


'American Idol' season 17 airs every Sunday and Monday night on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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