'American Idol' Season 17 premiere: A year of comebacks? Another former contestant Alyssa Raghu joins auditions

'American Idol' Season 17 premiere: A year of comebacks? Another former contestant Alyssa Raghu joins auditions

There is just little around two weeks left for 'American Idol' season 17 to premiere on ABC. Ever since it started in 2002, the series has gained fans from all over the world and is still running strong despite Fox cancelling it in 2015. After two years, the series returned last year on ABC, but the ratings weren't as good as the previous seasons. However, this year the series is back, bigger than ever, hoping to get back its viewers. 

Premiering March 3, the series has started to reveal previews and teasers, hyping up fans and viewers, indicating it is going to be an emotional season this year. Going by the teasers, it sure looks like this is going to be a comeback season. As fans and viewers noticed, there are a couple of past season contestants auditioning again this year for season 17.



Previously, we wrote about drag queen Ada Vox who has auditioned 12 times before. Vox is back thisseason, making this year her 13th time. Recently, fans found another contestant auditioning for the second time. Alyssa Raghu, was 15 years old when she first auditioned for 'American Idol' last year during season 16. Sadly, though the judges revealed she is top 10 material, she failed to make it to the top 14, and was eliminated after the celebrity duet round.

But determined to win the title, Raghu is back this year again for season 17. Taking to her Instagram profile, Raghu revealed she is auditioning again for the second time. And, she teased her fans and followers, leaving them guessing as to whether or not she got a golden ticket. 


So, who is Alyssa Raghu? And does she have what it takes to win the title this year at least? When she entered the competition last year, Raghu revealed her dad was everything to her. He had been her constant support ever since her mother had left. With a heart-touching story, and voice of an angel, Raghu won the hearts of the judges. 

Raghu is currently a high school student, who first found her love for music when she was in the 6th grade at Lake Nona Middle School, Orlando, Florida. Following her elimination, Raghu continued to pursue her passion for music and has been recording covers. When it comes to her winning this season, Raghu does need to put in a huge effort. Looking back at her performances in the previous seasons, Raghu has a voice that is very pleasing to the ears. Her voice also delivers a lot of emotion along with the music. 


Though she has a good chance of making it to the Top 10 this year, she surely does have to put in more effort, if she wants to take home the title and a recording contract. To see how Raghu performs this season, we will have to wait for the series to premiere March 3 on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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