'American Idol' season 17 contestant Eddie Island is through to the Top 14 and fans just can't get enough of him

'American Idol' season 17 contestant Eddie Island is through to the Top 14 and fans just can't get enough of him

The weekend is here, which means there is just one day left before 'American Idol' airs the live shows. Last week, we saw 14 among the Top 20 advance to the live shows after the All-Star duets. One among the contestants who made it to the Top 14 was Eddie Island. 

Island is one contestant who stands out not just because of his impeccable talent, but because of his personality and confidence as well. Now that Island is one among the Top 14, he is not just making headlines but is also gaining attention from fans and viewers. So who is Eddie Island and how has he charmed fans of the show?


Island's real name is  Eddie Liggitt and he graduated from Trinity Christian School in 2011. He then attended college at Cedarville University in Ohio and currently lives in Nashville. Island also considers himself as the mayor of Nashville, and his Instagram handle also says @NashvilleMayor. During his audition, he revealed that he got the handle after a bet with his friends. 

His decision to move to Nashville was all of a sudden. Island had previously visited Nashville and even interned there for a magazine. But his decision to move happened when he attended a Paramore concert in Nashville. During an interview with Brentwood Homepage, he said he just drove there and, “Called a bunch of people from the alumni network, slept on someone’s couch the night after the show, and then just kind of couch-surfed for a year. I moved around 10 times my first year in Nashville.”


Island also recorded music previously by under a different name. Before being known as Eddie Island on American Idol he was known as Lindenbrook.  The name was derived from the same street he grew up in. He also previously hosted a podcast in AnchorFM. It was called Space Station Affirmation, Island went by the name of ‘Cozy Commander' in the podcast.  He took on the name Island because it is built around his "world and mission of affirming, inspiring, and empowering a global family of fans. Nobody has to be on an island or alone anymore."


So why do fans love Island? What makes him stand out amongst other contestants? One fan on Reddit said, "He is just such a fun person. Can’t wait to see what else he does on American Idol!." 


While another added, "He’s very dedicated to his music. He’s been writing, playing and performing music for many years. I personally listen to his song, “Stay Okay” on YouTube every day and hope he performs it on the show." 

'American Idol' airs every Sunday and Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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