'American Idol' season 17 fans weigh in on who will be in the top 3 and winner

Now that there are just eight contestants left, the finals of 'American Idol' season 17 are just around the corner

                            'American Idol' season 17 fans weigh in on who will be in the top 3 and winner

'American Idol' season 17 is nearing its end with just the Top 8 contestants left battling it out for a chance to win the season's title. This week we saw the Top 10 contestants battle it out during Disney Night, but sadly two contestants were sent home. Those two contestants were Uche Ndubizu and Dimitirus Graham.

Next week when 'American Idol' season 17 airs its live episode, we will see the remaining eight contestants perform songs featured in the 2018 hit film 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' The theme of next week's episode is Queen night, and the contestants have singer and songwriter Adam Lambert as their mentor.


Now that there are just eight contestants left, the finals are around the corner, and that leaves fans anticipating more as to which contestant has the highest chance of winning, and who the frontrunners of this season are. 

"Here is who I think will be in the top 3. Laine Hardy, Madison Vandenburg and Alejandro Aranda. With Laine being crowned the American Idol," wrote a fan on Reddit. Adding to that, another fan said, "I think Laine and Alejandro are a given, looking at their fanbase. The third person could be anyone, but most probably Jeremiah. Would love for Madison to be in the top 3 tho[ugh]." 

Another fan said, "Alejandro, Madison, Laine and Jeremiah will be the top 4, it’s a toss up for who is the top 3." 

Most fans revealed that they speculate Laine Hardy and Alejandro Aranda to be the contestants who will make it all the way to the finals, with a larger number of fans stating they think Hardy will end up winning this season's title. Some fans also revealed that they think Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon also has a good chance of making it to the finals. 

"Jeremiah is a force. He is the force," wrote a fan. To which, another fan replied, "He is the kind of American Idol winner which when people would look back in the future they’d say 'Wow, a worthy winner. He deserved it.' Like Carrie Underwood." 

(ABC/Eric McCandless) LAINE HARDY

"Laine probably wins the whole thing because of the voting demographic with second place being either Alejandro or Jeremiah. That's honestly probably for the best too, that way neither artist is locked up by Disney contracts," said a fan. 

Another one wrote, "I think it will either be Laine, Laci, and Jeremiah or Laine, Jeremiah, and Alejandro. Either way, I think Laine will win the whole thing. I think Alejandro's insanely talented, and is the real artist of the bunch, but I don't have a feel for how the voting demographic feels about him yet."