Jeremiah Lloyd's 'American Idol' season 17 performance of 'Almost Heaven' gets fans opening up about their homophobic families

Jeremiah Lloyd's 'American Idol' season 17 performance of 'Almost Heaven' gets fans opening up about their homophobic families

'American Idol' season 17 is down to its Top 10 contestants.  Among them, seven were directly voted through by America, while the other three contestants were sent through by judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. One of the contestants who was sent directly to the Top 10 by America was Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon. 


When he first auditioned, Harmon revealed that he worked as a janitor in the church where his dad is the pastor. He also spoke about how his family had not accepted him since he is gay. He mentioned how he felt lonely at times, and how it was hard for him and his family. For his audition performance, Harmon performed an original song called 'Almost Heaven' which talks about gay people like him and if they are allowed to go to heaven.

After his performance, Harmon had been getting ample support from fans who revealed his family would take him back soon. And thankfully enough, he recently revealed that his family had indeed taken him back and accepted him for who he is. Following that, for his Top 10 life performance, Harmon performed a new version of his song 'Almost Heaven' that got Katy Perry emotional and teared up.


After taking a look at his live 'Almost Heaven' performance, many other fans opened up about their homophobic families. They also spoke about how they relate to his song and the meaning behind it. 

"I have been listening to this song on repeat and it brings tears to my eyes every time. It’s so beautiful and has such meaning behind it. I can feel the emotions pouring through the song. His struggle with being gay in a religious family where I’m sure he is taught there is no room in heaven for people like him. My brother whom I am very close to is gay and there is a similar situation where the church my family is a part of is very against it. This is a beautiful song," wrote a fan on Reddit.




Adding to that, another fan said, "Feelings =/= actions. At least that's how my equally religious family told me when I tried to come out. According to my parents, it's normal to have those feelings. The sin is acting on them and pursuing a gay relationship. They told me they rather I just stay single for life."

Some fans also commented on how appalled they are by families who are homophobic. "I couldn't agree more with you. I love the song. Love is the most beautiful thing on Earth, and it hurts my heart that some religious families would discourage someone's natural feelings." said a fan. Another added, "That’s horrible! I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness, and have seen how gay people (like my BFF) were treated, and it’s appalling."



Next week when 'American Idol' returns, the Top 10 contestants will perform their version of songs from the Disney Catalog for Disney Night. The series is also bringing in 'Pitch Perfect' actress Rebel Wilson as a mentor for Disney Night.

'American Idol' airs every Sunday and Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information.

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