'American Idol' season 17 contestant Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon claps back at haters, but fans say he should have handled it better

'American Idol' season 17 contestant Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon claps back at haters, but fans say he should have handled it better

Ever since 'American Idol' premiered on March 3, the series has gained a lot of fans and followers due to the impeccable talent the series features this season 17. Though the series started off with thousands of hopefuls who auditioned and wanted to make it all the way, only six remain now.  

On Sunday when 'American Idol' season 17, airs with its next episode we will get to see the Top 6 battle it out again for a chance to get closer to the finale. While fans are rooting for their favorites hoping they would make it through, currently they are also not in favor of one contestant's behavior on social media. 

During the time he auditioned, his heartfelt back story gained him support from fans all over; Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon has always been a frontrunner and last week he was also the first contestant to make it to the Top 6. But recently Harmon uploaded a post on Instagram clapping back at his haters and a few fans are revealing that they are not in favor of his approach, and claim he should just ignore the haters and not give them too much importance. 

Harmon uploaded a picture of him standing on a rooftop and captioned it saying, "If you’re not out there on the playing field putting your ass on the line everyday, I’m really not that concerned about your opinion of me or my performance. Thanks anyway. 🖤 Photo cred goes to my mom. Thanks Carolyn. #teamjer." 

After taking a look at the caption some fans on Reddit are not in favor of it. "They need to coach these people to stay off social media. Trying to clap back at idiots on Instagram is a losing battle," wrote a fan. 

American Idol season 17 contestant Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon(ABC/Eric McCandless) 

Adding to that another fan said, "The entertainment industry is a brutal business. If you can't handle negative feedback you shouldn't be in it. Some people will be nice about it and some will be raging asshats. He will need to grow a thicker skin." 

Revealing that this is not a good look, another fan said, "Oh dude. I love you, you have been my top 2 all along, but this is not a good look. This does not read "I'm not really all that concerned." Not concerned is not concerned, not this." While another fan added, "Totally get that! And I won’t change my mind about his talent - but this felt out of character. And a lot of the other contestants (who get a lot more hate) are better and more professional at dealing with it. At the end of the date no matter who you are, if you’re a public figure, it comes with some negative comments - I just expected he would’ve handled it with a bit more professionalism and humbleness." 

Though a few fans are against it, Harmon has been getting support from his fellow former competitors and even season 16 winner Maddie Poppe. "Period," Dimitrius Graham and Alyssa Raghu replied to Harmon's post, while Maddie Poppe replied saying, "Love it. So much." 

Could this clap back affect Harmon when it comes to his votes next week? We will never know. We will have to wait and see when American Idol airs next. 

'American Idol' season 17 airs every Sunday and Monday night. Check your local listings for more information. 

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