'American Idol' fans are furious Colby Swift got sent home in episode 7, request judges to bring singer back

'American Idol' fans are furious Colby Swift got sent home in episode 7, request judges to bring singer back

'American Idol' season 17 recently premiered on ABC. Hundreds of hopeful contestants auditioned hoping to make it through and compete for this season's title. But sadly, not all could make it. During the auditions, a total of 175 contestants were selected and sent to Hollywood. 

On Sunday and Monday, we witnessed Hollywood week where the 175 contestants competed for a place in the next round. Through the Hollywood week episodes, we witnessed real good talent from contestants, there were quite a number of contestants who also performed their original songs, and others covered songs in a style that made it look like it's their own. These contestants left the judges shocked, which made it harder for them when it came to sending someone home.


Sadly, only 40 contestants could make it through to the next round. And even though fans and viewers are happy that most of their favorites have made it through to the next round, some were not happy country singer Colby Swift was sent home after the group rounds for a silly mistake.

Swift is a country singer who during his auditions revealed his mother had left when he was just ten years old. His audition performance got him heaps of praise from the judges who gave him a ticket to Hollywood. During his first solo performance in the Hollywood week, Swift performed his version of Freddy Fender's 'Every Teardrop Falls'. He did seem nervous to be performing in front of others, but later, Luke Bryan made him stop and sing the Spanish verse in the song. 


After listening to him sing, the judges were left spellbound, and so was the audience. Swift made it to the next round, along with a pair of boots from Bryan, who removed them and gave it to the contestant after noticing his boots had worn out. But sadly, during the group rounds, Swift let his nerves get the best of him again, as he forgot the words to Bruno Mars' 'Grenade'. 

Because he forgot the words to the song, Swift was eliminated from the competition. Though it might seem like a fair reason to eliminate him, fans were mad at the judges for eliminating him for only this reason, especially after another contestant forgot the words to his song, but still made it through. They are requesting the judges to bring back Swift so he can continue to participate in the competition.


"You all are so unfair, you cut Colby Swift for forgetting the lyrics of some song he probably never heard, but then you put the next guy that forgot the lyrics through, to be fair you need to call Colby back," wrote a fan. While another fan added, "@LukeBryanOnline #AmericanIdol - I can't believe Colby Swift went home, he was so good. If it was because he messed up on the lyrics then that's messed up because Jacob stayed!!! Colby should['ve] made it man." 

One fan compared Swift to famous country singers and told the judges they need to bring him back. "#AmericanIdol, This is a petition to bring #ColbySwift back, fans PLEASE SIGN HERE! This rare young man is a young Randy Travis, George Jones, Conway, Garth [and] Freddy Fender wrapped up in 1, he deserves [to be] heard [and] the world wants to hear more of him!" 

'American Idol' airs every Sunday and Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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