'American Idol' season 17 contestant Dimitrius Graham has a fan base that adores him. Here's why

'American Idol' season 17 contestant Dimitrius Graham has a fan base that adores him. Here's why

'American Idol' is down to its Top 10 contestants and the competition is getting tougher by the day. 

On Monday night the series revealed its Top 10 contestants during its live show. From the Top 10 who made it through to next week's episode, seven of them were voted directly through America, and the other three were picked by each judge after their 'Sing for life' performance. One among the contestants who made it through the Top 10 based on the judge's pick was Dimitrius Graham. He was saved by judge Luke Bryan. 


Graham might not be one among the frontrunners this season, but he does have a large fan base who love him for his impeccable talent.  So, who is Dimitrius Graham and why do fans love him? Graham is known for his R&B voice and American Idol is not his first talent show competition.  


Previously he took part in The Apollo Theater singing competition and won the first place. Graham also has his own Soundcloud and YouTube channel called Meech. He has been uploading covers and original songs on those channels.  


Graham is a music major from Morgan State. All this experience added up is helping him perform exceptionally well on American Idol. The 28-year-old contestant already has a celebrity following and one among them includes singer Justin Timberlake.  

The Baltimore contestant also made judge Katy Perry cry during his Hollywood week performance. He requested the judges to let him phone his mom during the performance, just so she could hear him sing the song he dedicated to her, just before she could go in for surgery.



Singing ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ his performance made Katy Perry cry.  However, his fans were in were for a shock when it was revealed that he had to sing for his life during the Top 10 selection and was not voted in by America.  

“Seriously, where is the love for Dimitrius? He has the best voice of the lot,” wrote a fan on Reddit. While another added, “I like him a lot and think he’s got a perfect radio voice. He just needs to do something more energetic. And smile more.” 



When he was saved by Bryan, fans were ecstatic. “I was so glad when they brought him back. Luke Bryan made an excellent choice,” a fan said. Another fan said, “I love him so much! I was relieved when Luke saved him.”  

While some fans predict that Graham has a high chance of being sent home next week during Disney Night due to lack of votes, we can’t wait to see what happens if he makes it through.

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