'American Idol' season 23 fans speculate that Alyssa Raghu and Dimitrius Graham may be the next to go

'American Idol' season 23 fans speculate that Alyssa Raghu and Dimitrius Graham may be the next to go

'American Idol'  revealed its Top 10 contestants this week during its first live show of the season. While it was a sad goodbye to four contestants, who did not make it to the Top 10, they have made their mark by making it till the Top 14. For the Top 10 who made it through to next week's episode, seven of them were voted directly through America, and the other three were picked by each judge after their 'Sing for life' performance. 

Next week when American Idol airs on Sunday night, we will get to see the Top 10 perform songs from the Disney catalog. Disney night will also feature a mentor. This season, the series brings in Rebel Wilson. Now that the contestants have been filtered down to the Top 10, we have seen a huge number of contestants being sent home. And the competition is getting tougher by the episode. So it is hard to say which contestant will move on to the next round and who will be eliminated. 



But fans speculate which contestant has the highest chance to get eliminated. Most fans revealed they think Alyssa Raghu and Dimitrius Graham stand the highest chance of getting eliminated. Looking at the votes that the duo got last week, in my opinion, these two contestants are the ones who might get eliminated if they do not step up their game to impress America and get their vote. 

"Alyssa and Dimitrius, only agree with one of them but America isn’t going to keep the black guy from the ghetto even if he knocks it out of the park next week," said a fan on Reddit. While another added, "Uche and/or Dimitrius. America already voted and didn't want them. Judges forced them through so they will be the first gone just like last years drag queen." 




Raghu wasn't voted directly through the Top 10 by America. She was Katy Perry's pick to be saved after her 'Sing for life' performance. Raghu sang Katy Perry's 'The One That Got Away'. After it was revealed that Raghu was saved by Perry, fans accused Perry of being biased for choosing Raghu over Ashley Hess just because she sang her song. "Well, you chose the wrong one. Ashley Hess should have been in the top 10. You played favoritism with your choice for Alyssa Raghu just because she sang your song," said a fan.



Graham just like Raghu did not make it through the Top 10 by America's vote. For his 'Sing for life' performance he sang his rendition of 'When The Party's Over'. After his performance, Graham was saved by Luke. 


Now that it is known that America did not vote these contestants directly into the Top 10 there is a low chance that they will get the votes during Disney Night either, leading us to believe that Graham and Raghu are the two contestants who have the highest chance of getting eliminated next week. 

'American Idol' season 17 airs every Sunday and Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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