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'American Idol' Season 18: Louis proves to be a Knight in shining splendor as he makes it to Top 10

The young British singer was revealed as the first contestant in the Top 10 and sang an amazing version of Coldplay's 'In My Place' to celebrate his progress
Louis Knight (ABC)
Louis Knight (ABC)

Louis Knight is the first 'American Idol' Season 18 contestant to make it to the Top 10 on  Sunday, May 3, thanks to his fans who were no doubt swayed by his passionate voice, pop idol looks, and musical chops on piano. As if his fans needed more reasons to love him, it was revealed that the big-hearted Louis had also been busy delivering pizzas in his hometown during the lockdown. The philanthropic Louis showed that he was literally a knight in shining armor, reprising his job as a pizza delivery boy for hospitals and people who could really use a warm slice of generosity served up with star power.

The young Brit was once again singing from his home in Philadelphia, as the singing competition continued with their remote-access home edition. This time the home edition theme carried forward in more ways than one. The contestants were asked to sing a song that reminded them of home or perhaps carried a vibe that made them feel at home.

Louis Knight at home (ABC)

Louis decided to choose Coldplay's 'In My Place' because he had stumbled across an old home video where he had been sitting on his grandfather's lap as that very song played in the background. The nostalgic feeling that the song's "In my rightful place" message brought to Louis proved to be the deciding factor, coupled with the fact that Coldplay are also British pop-rock stars, so it would prove to be a seamless fit for him. 

And he certainly rocked his performance of the song tonight. He sang 'In My Place' with gusto, intensity, and a touch of national pride, as his gleeful family and fans cheered him on. The judges were also super pleased that he had made it through to the Top 10 and commended him on his performance. Katy Perry said she loved his rendition, and also added that people at home really needed this kind of entertainment right now as they were presently stuck indoors. Luke Bryan added that while he wasn't exactly wowed by Louis Knight's take on the song, he was pretty impressed overall by the young man's talent and star quality, and wished him all the best for the future rounds. Lionel Richie also commended him on his undeniable talent and told him to keep on playing to the camera as that was definitely his ticket to the top. 


"Louis Knight is amazing by far my favorite voice His voice and performance is really special." Another follower tweeted "Alright, I’m buying my ticket to Louis Knight’s inaugural concert. He’s so reminiscent of Ed Sheeran. My heart can’t..." 

If your heart's with Louis too, make sure you vote for him via text message or through the 'American Idol' app. The voting closes at 9 am on May 4, so make sure you do it on time. See you next Sunday night at 8 pm ET on ABC as we watch our favorite Idols progress.