'American Idol' Season 18: Makayla Phillips croons Jackson 5's 'Who's Loving You', proves America's got talent

'American Idol' Season 18: Makayla Phillips croons Jackson 5's 'Who's Loving You', proves America's got talent
Makayla Phillips (ABC)

Makayla Phillips, a young Californian, who had earlier received the golden buzzer in 'America's Got Talent', has crushed her 'Idol' audition. When she came to audition for 'American Idol' this year, expectations were understandably high. And Makayla absolutely lived up to the hype, astonishing the judges and viewers with her breathtakingly good rendition of the Jackson 5's 'Who's Loving You'.

She's got the vocal range and power of a pop diva like Ariana Grande or Christina Aguilera, so it's pretty easy to picture her effortlessly performing songs for packed arenas in the near future.

Katy Perry admitted that Makayla's audition gave her chill bumps all over her body, and also confirmed that she was Top 10 'American Idol' material. The judges didn't have to think twice about conferring when encountering such magnificent talent, and immediately gave her a golden ticket to Hollywood. So Makayla clearly already has fans in high places, among them a few celebrity judges. And what makes her case all the more compelling is the fact that she's also best friends with last year's 'AGT' champion, Kodi Lee.

When Makayla appeared in Season 13 of 'AGT' as a fresh-faced 15-year-old, the show's judge Heidi Klum had earlier said she absolutely loved her voice, choosing to give her the golden buzzer after she auditioned with Demi Lovato's 'Warrior' and even told her that she sang 'Issues' better than the original singer, Julia Michaels.

'American Idol' viewers are already raving about her voice. "I have chills right now, Makayla killed it and I'm so thrilled for her!" said an excited follower. Another fan chimed in, saying that "she's like Camila Cabello's younger sister."

Another Makayla enthusiast declared, "Makayla Phillips - 'Who’s Lovin’ You' was such a spiritual vocal, she sang every note with purpose. Pop/R&B talent with an ability for runs and she has great musicality. Could go far."

We certainly agree! We're really looking forward to hearing more from Makayla in the Hollywood rounds of the singing competition. Just like the judges, we're realizing that this current crop of Idol hopefuls is staggeringly good. We can't remember the last time such a mind-blowingly diverse and consistently great assortment of singers assembled on 'American Idol'. Some of these singers are future Billboard chart-topping material and they probably don't even realize it yet.


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