'American Idol' Season 18: Arthur Gunn amazes fans with 'Country Roads' reggae version to celebrate Top 10 entry

'American Idol' Season 18: Arthur Gunn amazes fans with 'Country Roads' reggae version to celebrate Top 10 entry
Arthur Gunn singing (ABC)

Once again, Arthur Gunn aka Dibesh Pokharel did not cease to amaze us in 'American Idol'. On May 3, it was revealed that the talented young Nepali singer had made it the Top 10. Arthur was certainly blown away by the public show of support and actually needed a minute to collect himself and the overwhelming emotions coursing through his body. The humble, unassuming performer possesses a heart of gold and a gritty voice crafted from flaming sandpaper, so it was no surprise that American voters put him through into the next round of the competition, he's easily got one of the best voices we've ever heard on national TV. 

Since 'American Idol' was continuing with its at-home edition, we got a chance to catch up with what the contestants had been doing while at home with their families. Arthur revealed that he had been busy cooking and making traditional Nepali cuisine, including momos (stuffed dumplings), with his family as it proved to be both comforting and a powerful stress-buster.

But considering he's blessed with that amazingly raspy instrument that he calls his singing voice, Arthur shouldn't have to worry about not making it through for another couple episodes at least. This week, the show asked its contestants to sing a song that reminded them of home, and Arthur had no hesitation in picking a classic John Denver tune, 'Country Roads', as it certainly brought back memories of the open fields and hills of his youth.

But what Arthur Gunn did with this Americana classic was nothing short of amazing. Channeling the spirit of Bob Marley, Arthur proceeded to break out an upbeat, grooving, reggae arrangement of 'Country Roads', and made us see the familiar old tune in a completely new light. His throaty, textured voice was in fine form as always, and he really let those glorious notes ring loud as he sang his heart out.

The judges were ecstatic on hearing his version of this beloved tune. Katy Perry called it "amazing" and was particularly happy that he had heeded her previous advice and was keeping his eyes open more, thus enabling him to connect with his audience more. Luke Bryan was thrilled to see him put his own unique spin on the song and definitely saw the Bob Marley vibes working in Arthur's favor. Lionel Richie was extremely impressed with Arthur's rendition as well, and even said he was already capable of producing a hit record based on that performance.


His fans were also definitely thrilled to see him do so well. One fan said, "Arthur Gunn is hands down the best talent American idol has seen since Adam Lambert." Another diehard supporter said, "Arthur Gunn is in a whole other league. Fantastic job,"  while another viewer agreed, "That Arthur Gunn is a superstar."

If you'd like to see this bonafide star make it to the Top 5, make sure you vote for him via text message or the 'American Idol' app as soon as possible. The voting window closes at 9 am ET on May 4, so make sure your vote counts!

To catch up with Arthur's progress in 'American Idol' along with the other remaining 10 contestants, tune in next Sunday at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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