'American Idol' season 17 poll: Here's who fans are backing to win the grand finale

'American Idol' season 17 poll: Here's who fans are backing to win the grand finale

Alejandro Aranda, Madison Vandenburg, and Laine Hardy are the last ones left standing as the finalists of 'American Idol' season 17. 

The show will air its grand finale on Sunday night, and a star-studded lineup will be performing along with the contestants in the 3-hour long finale. Some of the performers include Daddy Yankee, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert, Dan+Shay, the judges and the Top 10 contestants. 

The final three contestants - Hardy, Aranda, and Vandenburg - have thrilled the fans with their voices right since the auditions. With each one having thousands of fans voting for them, there is not going to be much difference between the winner and the other two.  

'American Idol' season 17 finalists - Alejandro Aranda, Madison Vandenburg and Laine Hardy - ABC/ Eric McCandless


It is definitely hard to predict the winner as each contestant is unique in their own way. When it comes to Aranda, he is not just a contestant with original talent -- apart from being a good singer, he is also a pro when it comes to the guitar and piano. Aranda has a major fan following on social media compared to the other two. 

When it comes to Hardy, his following isn't as huge as Aranda, but he has fans that vote for him. His good looks, his country twist, and raspy voice are what captivates the fans most about him. Though it will be a tight competition between Hardy and Aranda, we cannot leave out Vandenburg yet. 

Vandenburg has the strongest vocals compared to the other two. She can pull off any genre, and we have seen that happen over the course of the show. She might not have the support of majority of voters compared to the other two, but if Hardy and Aranda do miss out in their performances, the title is Vandenburg's for the taking. 

63% of the votes went to Laine Hardy predicting that he might be the winner this season on 'American Idol.'


In order to make it easier for us to predict who might end up winning this season, we put out a poll at the beginning of the week asking fans and viewers to vote for a contestant they think will win. The results are finally in and it might surprise most of you.. 


Coming in the lead with 63% of the votes is Hardy. This just proves the fact that even though he might not have major social media following as Aranda, he does have a major fan base that votes for him. Following Hardy, is Aranda with 32% of the votes claiming he will win the season title. 

Finally, Vandenburg received just 5% of the votes. Taking this into consideration, the one to look out for in the finale is definitely Hardy and we can't wait to see what he performs on Sunday. 

'American Idol' season 17 airs on Sunday night at 8 pm. Check your local listings for more information. 

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