'American Idol': Fans want judges to be more strict, give out better criticism and introduce new styles

'American Idol': Fans want judges to be more strict, give out better criticism and introduce new styles

'American Idol' returns to ABC on March 3 for season 17 and will see a comeback from Ryan Seacrest to once again host the reality TV competition series this year. Country music star Luke Bryan, music icon Lionel Richie and singer-songwriter Katy Perry will also return to the show as judges.

With just a little over a month left for the show to premiere, fans cannot wait to see who will be taking home the title. And though it was reported recently that fans applaud the competition series for bringing out amazing talent and claim 'The Voice' is filled with drama caused mainly by the judges, they also think that the judges at 'American Idol' are a bit too nice and need to push contestants out of their comfort zone.


When you come to think of it, it is actually true. Though the judges try their best to bring out the talent in contestants, they need to shed out more criticism which would result in legitimate growth from the participants. Between Katy, Luke and Lionel, Katy may be the closest to reaching out to contestants and giving out helpful comments at times. 

"The judging panel is more of a cheerleader panel which makes contestants keep doing the same thing and make the judges overall forgettable..." wrote a fan. This is actually true, the last possible stern judge the show had was Simon Cowell.

He was the judge when the show first premiered in 2002. "I agree the season is too short and the judges don’t give good feedback," said another fan.


Apart from this, fans also think it is high time the show changes its panel of judges. Because maybe if they have better judges, they could actually bring out much better winners. If you take a look back, in the old seasons, there were a lot of winners who made it big in the music industry. But currently, if we take into consideration the new seasons, there haven't been many big names spinning out of this series.

Fans also claim that another reason for the show not spinning out good singers is because of choices the judges make. For instance, they allow some singers to choose their own songs and don't allow the same for other contestants, which fans believe is unfair. This format should be changed if they want their contestants to come out of their comfort zone and showcase what they actually want to.


But, among all the pro and cons the show has, the most important format they have to change first is the song selection. They need to bring out more styles. "It's a lot of the same songs over and over as well as the same styles. What made 'Idol' really cool was the themes. It forced contestants to go out of their comfort zone and you were able to see multi-month growth of the contestants," said another fan.

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