Could Dimitrius Graham from 'American Idol' season 17 be the next Jennifer Hudson?

Could Dimitrius Graham from 'American Idol' season 17 be the next Jennifer Hudson?

On Sunday night when 'American Idol' aired live with its Disney Night episode, two out of the Top 10 contestants were sent home. Dimitrius Graham and Uche Ndubizu performed their best during Disney Night but sadly it wasn't good enough compared to the other contestants.

They got the least votes from America, which resulted in them getting eliminated from the competition. Though they made it this far and left a mark to be remembered, fans are disappointed that Graham got sent home especially after his heartfelt performance of 'You’ll Be in My Heart' from 'Tarzan', that he dedicated to his mother. 


Last week, Graham didn't make it to the Top 10 through America's votes, he was saved by Luke Bryan. But sadly this week, he wasn't saved by any of the judges. The news of Graham being eliminated was revealed once the votes were tallied and some fans expressed their disappointment stating there were other contestants who were bad and deserved to be eliminated and not Graham. 


"So sad too see him go. He had an excellent voice. But I bet his music career is just starting. Someone will sign him. I wish they would have taken Alyssa and left Dimitrius," wrote a fan on Reddit. 

Adding to that another fan said, "He gave my favorite performance of the night. I voted for him. Sad he’s gone." A fan on Twitter said, "What the hell is wrong with America's ears & eyes? Well... @DimitriusGraham get to work on an album and let us know when it drops. #AmericanIdol." 


With so many fans showing their support for Graham, could he be the Jennifer Hudson of season 17? Hudson appeared on the third season of 'American Idol' which gave her a huge fan base and made her famous. After she was eliminated from the series, it prompted criticism and discussion that called the voting system racist. 


But even though she was eliminated, Hudson became famous and is now an award-winning singer. Could Graham be the next Hudson of Idol? In my opinion, he does have the talent to become famous in the music industry. And with eager fans waiting for Graham to drop an album, it would not be a surprise if he makes it to the top before we know it. 

Apart from fans being disappointed that Graham was eliminated from the series, a fair few even called it racist because Ndubizu and Graham were the last two black contestants who were eliminated from the series. "I am always the last person to play this angle, but last night's American idol STRAIGHT UP showed the racism in America. The only black men in the competition were eliminated AGAIN despite being the consistent best performers. ok," wrote a fan on Twitter. 

Another fan said, "ugh the racism really jumped out of America last night on #americanidol not cute @AmericanIdol @katyperry WHY." 


'American Idol' airs every Sunday and Monday night on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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