'American Idol' season 17: Three performances that left judges spellbound during Sunday's auditions

Here are three performances that stood out from Sunday's episode of 'American Idol' as the competition gets tougher with each audition

                            'American Idol' season 17: Three performances that left judges spellbound during Sunday's auditions

The new season of 'American Idol' has already got viewers and fans hooked because of the amazing talent showcased on each episode. 

On Sunday, when 'American Idol' season 17 aired its third episode, one thing was for sure, that these contestants are extremely talented and some of them have chances of making it to the Top 10. The series ups its benchmark with each audition and we cannot wait to see what the next set of contestants bring to the stage on Wednesday.


While we wait for the next episode to air, here are three performances that stood out from Sunday's episode. 

Riley Thompson 

Do not let her age fool you. 16-year-old Riley Thompson has the voice of a mature professional singer. Her performance of 'Oh Daddy', an original, left judges spellbound. She has a unique raspy country voice that can attain a really high vocal pitch. After her performance, the judges couldn't help by rave about her voice. Judge Luke Bryan told her that he thinks she has "Star quality". Such a compliment coming from a country genius is a big deal. Thompson is one among the three contestants who stood out above everyone else on Sunday and we cannot wait to see her again in Hollywood.


Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon

This 25-year-old singer is definitely 'American Idol' material. His voice and performance will leave you intoxicated because of how amazing he is. Jeremiah, who works as church janitor in his father's church, revealed how things did not go well when he came out to his family. Even though he feels alone at times, he added that music is the only thing that keeps him going. Performing an original song called 'Almost Heaven', he stuned the judges. It was not just his voice that stood out during the performance, but also his songwriting skills. His connection with music will keep him on top in the competition. 


Madison Vandenburg

This 16-year-old revealed that she has been performing all her life. Having the voice of someone much older than she is, judges called her the next Kelly Clarkson. Her performance left us with goosebumps. Performing her version of 'Speechless', she rendered the judges themselves speechless. She is one contestant the judges are excited about, and so are we. She is surely top 10 material and we will not be surprised if she makes it to the finals.


'American Idol' airs every Sunday and Wednesday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information.

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