'American Horror Story' fans want to see this Asylum storyline in Season 9

There were some fantastic elements in 'American Horror Story: Asylum' but fans are convinced that Murphy is bringing back a certain Kit Walker storyline the next season

                            'American Horror Story' fans want to see this Asylum storyline in Season 9

It's been a while since the 'Coven' witches stepped in to keep Michael Langdon from bringing in the apocalypse and fans are already eager to see what Ryan Murphy has in store for them next season. 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' was the eighth in the show's season roster and revolved around the Antichrist Langdon, who believed it was his destiny to end life as we know it. Cordelia Goode and the rest of the witches go to extreme lengths to stop him, finally succeeding. For the first time in 'American Horror Story' history, Murphy gave fans a crossover season. Although we did have characters come in from season 5, 'Hotel' and actors from season 4, 'Freak Show', 'Apocalypse' was in many ways a battleground between season 1, 'Murder House' and Season 3, 'Coven'.  




So far, 'American Horror Story' has dealt with both psychological horrors as well as the supernatural in its many seasons. There's a theory that suggests that Murphy's 'American Horror Story' is inspired by Dante's Inferno and the Nine Circles of Hell - Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treachery. Most of these topics have been covered in the previous seasons with 'Apocalypse' dealing with both Violence and Lust. With everything already covered you may be worried that there won't be much to scare you in season 9 - well you're wrong! 

Redditors have been discussing what the next season of 'American Horror Story' could bring and a majority of them think that this would finally be the time when we get to see some aliens doing horrifying things. They think that the clue to the whole thing lies in the music that kept playing on loop at Outpost 3, Carpenter's popular track 'Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft'. Fans think that the lyrics to the song "We've been observing your Earth" is the key to the next season's plot. It would make sense considering 'Apocalypse' was the destruction season, the song is a call out to extraterrestrials to come to save this dying world.

AHS veteran Finn Wittrock's story is pointing towards a certain mission (Instagram)
AHS veteran Finn Wittrock's story is pointing towards a certain mission (Instagram)

There was also Meade's severed head in the finale singing 'Daisy Bell' by Bicycle Built for Two, which also happens to feature in Stanley Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey'. While some fans believe that it is indeed proof that Murphy will be doing an alien theme, it could just be an innocent callback to the film by Murphy since Hal 9000 and Meade are both AI robots. Will season 9 be the big bad alien season? We'll have to wait and see. However, there is a plausible chance that it may happen since Season2, 'Asylum' did have an open-ended alien storyline. Kit Walker was abducted by aliens after he got out of Briarcliff and we never knew what happened to him after that - there's a possibility that he was subjected to experiments as he had been before. We didn't pay much heed to it then, but Murphy did make an entire season off 'Murder House's baby with 'Apocalypse'. Who would have thought that a child born in season 1 would haunt the world all the way in season 8!


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According to a fan page AHS Leaks, the budget for season 9 is $44 million excluding marketing, development, and distribution making it much more expensive than season 7, 'Cult', season 5, 'Hotel' and the last season, season 8, 'Apocalypse'. This budget would put this upcoming season almost on par with season 6, 'Roanoke', which was made for $45 million. 'Hotel' was $36 million, 'Cult' was $36 million and 'Apocalypse' which was $36 million. 'Roanoke' had an entire house built for the show, so it explains the budget. So does this mean season 9 will have something built...perhaps a spaceship? At least fans seem to think so. One fan suggested, "A small New Mexico Town in 1994. Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe play a lesbian couple that are cattle ranchers. They start noticing strange things happening around the town and on the farm. When they go to the sheriff, Evan Peters, he laughs in their face. But, their eccentric neighbor, Kathy Bates, knows exactly what’s up: aliens."

However, there's also a huge possibility that Murphy turns around and makes season 9 about mermaids and all these clues were planted on purpose to keep us from getting the real story - he never fails to surprise us, after all.