American Horror Story Apocalypse: Burning questions answered after Forbidden Fruit

While it was pretty shocking, there were some major plot changes in this episode as it left us with the biggest question of all - who the hell is Mallory?

                            American Horror Story Apocalypse: Burning questions answered after Forbidden Fruit

'Forbidden Fruit' left us with more questions than it answered and boy was it unexpected! Who could have thought everyone would be killed by poisoned apples - just like that? It was a major Snow White throwback moment to be honest, but instead of giving us one poisoned apple, it was the entire basket!  'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' itself is a pretty great plot, especially since it is a crossover between 'Coven' and 'Murder House'.  Ryan Murphy certainly seems to like his horror to the fullest and 'Forbidden Fruit' certainly delivered.


While it was pretty shocking, there were some major plot changes in this episode. First of all, wasn't the Outpost supposed to protect humanity? Now that everyone is pretty much dead (especially the male side of things - little Tim, may he RIP), how will humanity survive? Who is Mallory and how is she so goddamn powerful? She scared the pants of Mikey and we know that doesn't happen a lot. Who is Dinah and why is she important? Also, if Mead is inspired by Constance, does that mean she's dead? The only thing we know for sure is that the snakes aren't the witches and that they were actually Michael's helpers. There's no harm in trying to figure it out though. Let's try and connect the dots, shall we?

Now that almost everyone is pretty dead, who will go to the Sanctuary? 

Michael's plan seems to always have been to kill everyone, especially since he mentions "souls" so casually when he's interviewing the residents of Outpost 3. The apples came from him and Miriam Mead was always his soldier, never Venable's. So, he knew that Venable was going to poison the fruit and give them to the survivors. So why go through the selection process? Probably just for fun. I'm almost certain that the Sanctuary is the Murder House so wouldn't it make more sense to kill everyone there and keep them trapped in the evil mansion forever? He could also be using the opportunity to see if any of the witches had survived because clearly, he's terrified of them. So, that busts the theory that the witches could be the bad guys - they are actually here to help.  


To answer the question, I think it will be the witches who will go to the sanctuary. They will figure out how to get there and will take Mikey down and put things back to normal. There's a very good chance that more of the witches will come back and get to the Murder House. They may even set the souls trapped in there free!

Who is Mallory?

The twitter handle of the show has left us one clue - she is the child of fire. If you look hard enough, you'll find that fire has been a recurring theme in both 'Murder House' as well as 'Coven'. 



In 'Murder House' Tate Langdon walked into a seemingly populated office and set a man ablaze, this man being his pseudo step daddy Larry. Tate is Michael's dad. There's also a scene in the season where Tate showed some signs of being able to control fire. 

The second reference to fire is with Lorraine Harvey, who was a resident of the house in the early 1990's. Her husband was insanely attracted to Constance Langdon, Michael's grandmother. When Lorraine fohnd out that he was planning to send her and the kids away so that he could have a gala time with Constance, she set herself and the kids on fire. She's an evil b***h ghost and is always trying to cause harm. She was responsible for Ben Harmon's sleepwalking, which, if you remember was the time that Tate raped Ben's wife, Vivien, impregnating her with Michael. 


'Coven' has references to women who have controlled fire as well, just the way Mallory seems to be able to. The first was Kaylee, the witch that Hank kills after having an affair with her. Remember how he was cheating on Cordelia with this red-haired woman? He shot her after she told him she was pregnant. Is there a way that Kaylee's baby made it through? While this theory certainly doesn't tie with Madison's retort to Mallory, there's always a chance that ghosts of the past haunt the nuclear winter. 

There's also a chance that Mallory is Zoe. Zoe was implied to possess the power of Pyrokinesis. In the first episode, the other girls tried to scare her and she made candles light up on their own. She also doesn't have the best relationship with Madison, thanks to Kyle. My money is on Zoe, for sure. Plus, she's got Zoe's hair and that introvert nature. 

Who is Dinah? 

Dinah Stevens has been a soap star so far, but, now we know she's also a witch. She was not too big of a deal in 'Murder House' where she played the role of Sally Freeman, who was one of Ben's patients. She was seeing him because she was desperately trying to save her marriage, as her husband claimed she was too boring. During a session, Ben blacks out and Sally is gone, as is his audio recording of the session. Sally's disappearance begins an investigation, which is assigned to Jack Colquitt. Sally is revealed to have attempted suicide by slitting her wrists in a desperate attempt to get the attention of a bored Ben. She left the house and went to a downtown hotel and took an overdose of pills and entered a coma, though she was still alive.


Is it possible that one of the 'Coven' members took over her body since no one would really miss her? 

Who was the Ms. Mead robot modeled after?

This is a pretty obvious answer - it has to be Constance Langdon. Mikey tears up when talking to Mead about her past and he even tells her that the "beautiful little boy" that she sees in her visions is him. Constance raised Michael and she is making a comeback this season. Was she unable to accompany Mike on the mission and thus he modeled a robot in her essence? Absolutely possible. She's the only family he's ever known and she kept him safe for all those years and even overlooked the murdered nanny.

Who knows what the next episode will bring? Don't forget to wear all black next Wednesday.

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