'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' preview: Here's what to expect from episode 8 'Sojourn'

Kicked out on the streets, Michael Langdon makes new friends and there may be another Evan Peters character introduced - 'Sojourn' is set to be anything but bland!

                            'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' preview: Here's what to expect from episode 8 'Sojourn'

Contains spoilers for 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' episode 7 'Traitor'.

Each episode of 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' is a legend in its own right. Each one is better than the last and leaves us with more questions than it answers. For now, the biggest one is that how did Michael Langdon manage to bring in the apocalypse? In the last episode, we saw that the witches were doing quite well. Cordelia and the gang burnt up Michael's allies Aries and Mead on the stake. Henry Moore and Behold are on Cordelia's side and the team has also gathered some precious intel on the antichrist. The trip to Murder House was so nostalgic and we loved every minute of it. 'Sojourn' will possibly tell us how Michael got the job done. 

The title of the episode itself means a temporary stay so it is possible that Michael has become homeless now that Hawthorne doesn't have the crazy warlocks anymore. He's on the streets and looking for followers and the latest promo speaks volumes about his rage. Cordelia is leaving no stone unturned to stop him and even though she's weakening, she's using her witches to get the job done. Madison, Behold, Bubbles (nice to see her after the untimely gruesome death), Myrtle, Coco, and Mallory have teamed up and are doing everything in their power to help their dying Supreme. 

Even though things look good for now, Michael isn't taking things well. The promo shows him screaming in anger as Cordelia breaks the news to him. Almost certainly, he is more pained about Mead's death than Aries' and his conviction to get Cordelia and her "type" is stronger than ever. The promo shows an interesting new character - a new avatar for Evan Peters. After Michael walks into a satanic church with the priestess asking to feel "real evil", he meets two guys at what looks like a shack in the middle of nowhere. He tells them that he's the antichrist and Peter's character says that they expected him to look like the Rock. He remains unoffended and seems to have found hope in these two.

The promo also shows that Michael is faltering in his role as the evil leader of all because a dinner scene in the promo shows him confessing, rather exasperatedly, that he doesn't know how being the antichrist works. There is also a character that looks a lot like the Butcher from 'AHS: Roanoke's television show, 'My Roanoke Nightmare'. The character was played by Kathy Bates. Now that multiple characters played by the same actor and crossovers are possible this season, we should brace ourselves for another surprise entry. 

Will this character, with his peculiar bowl-shaped haircut go on to be the hairdresser we met in Outpost 3? It looks very possible. Although Mr. Gallant's character was killed off right at the beginning in 'Forbidden Fruit', the character did have an uncanny connection with Michael when he first showed up. Did Mike plant Gallant in Bubbles' life so he could keep an eye on her just the way Cordelia planted Coco and Mallory? Is there a traitor in our midst? 

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