'American Horror Story': How will 'Apocalypse' wrap up with just two episodes to go?

With so many loose ends to tie up, will the beloved 'American Horror Story' franchise pull a fast one on us? 

                            'American Horror Story': How will 'Apocalypse' wrap up with just two episodes to go?

'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' is almost on its way to the finale, with eight episodes down and just two more to go. So far this season, we've seen an abundance of flashbacks but very little of what is actually going on in the present. With so many loose ends to tie up, will the beloved 'American Horror Story' franchise pull a fast one on us? 

While this season began with a bang as always, as it moved forward, fans would agree that the progress has been a tad bit too slow. The last shocking, packed with some good plot twists and some actual apocalypse type terror, was episode 4, 'Could It Be...Satan?'. After which, unfortunately, 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' has been a snoozefest.

From being a show that kept us on the edge of our seats and broke all assumptions, it has become the show that makes you fast forward a scene just because it is too long. 


The last episode, 'Sojourn' especially has been the slowest of them all. The scenes felt like we were running on the treadmill for half an hour — running forward but not getting anywhere. The whole episode was something that could be wrapped up in 10 minutes. It is mind-boggling that someone like Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk would bore audiences with an almost comedy-like sequence in a horror show but clearly, that's what is happening. Unless, of course, this is done on purpose to make the last two episode super packed with explanations and paced in true 'AHS' style. 

Let's get to the loose ends. After the coven entered the scenario in 'Forbidden Fruit' we've been seeing the whole story from their perspective — which is well and good. However, the problem arose when all the story did was talk to us about what happened. Everybody loves a good backstory but five whole episodes of just Cordelia's struggles? It's a bit much. We are left wondering whatever happened to the Outpost, to Venable (who was very dead), to Mead 2.0, to Michael's horses and most importantly, to the world? Where are our Adam and Eve monikers, Timothy and Emily? If this whole story just connects back to say this was all in Cordelia's vision and the apocalypse never happened, imagine the disappointment. 

The witches haven't even got to the part where they tell us how they got placed in the Outpost, or even how is it that only these few managed to make it! Atleast we are being told what the Cooperative is next episode. 'Murder House' crossover was also really shown in just episode throughout the season so far and it felt like more of a consolation prize than an actual plot twist. Madison and Behold don't really learn about any secrets from 'Return to Murder House' — unless you can count the really underrated lesson that the house was evil. It looked like sending out condolences to fans for the lack of horror this season, that 'Murder House' absolutely did not lack. 

Cordelia's attempts to kill off Michael's friends went great for sure, but how will the plot transform him from being a sad little boy looking for his dad to the destroyer of humanity in just two episodes? Frankly, he's not even that scary anymore, especially given the way he's been acting lately.

Additionally, if he was so powerful, remind us why, dear story, he would need a robot to do shit for him? The plot is so confused within itself, trying to be as twisted and surprising as possible that it is just ending up contradicting itself. He can burn a cokehead's whore by just waving his hand, but needs Mead the robot to help him get the witches? He does know that they are flammable, right? 

The next episode 'Fire and Reign' has a promo that shows another flashback (can we get a move on?) so that means we aren't getting our answers anytime soon. Wonder if this season will not end at all but rather spill over to a season nine? After all, no one dies in 'American Horror Story'. 

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