'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' weekly review: It could be Satan, indeed

'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' - It looks like Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have decided to not leave a stone unturned to make us literally lose our minds over this season.

                            'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' weekly review: It could be Satan, indeed

'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' is back with another insane episode and, to be honest, the world is starting to look quite scary right about now. With not a dull moment in the entire episode, it looks like Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have decided to not leave a stone unturned to make us literally lose our minds over this season. A lot of revelations were made and some really shocking discoveries. This episode also saw some of our sisters from the 'Coven' make a comeback (yay!) and I have to say, it's starting to look bad for Cordelia. 


First of all, Michael's backstory is just as weird and twisted as he is. He also gave me major Tom Marvolo Riddle vibes - to those who don't get the reference, go read a 'Harry Potter' book.  So, we see a little about how Mike grew up - with a deranged grandmother named Constance Langdon who worshipped the devil. The two eat almost raw steaks for breakfast and she makes him pray to the devil. Jessica Lange is still not here yet and Mead is shown to be Mikey's grandmother.

Mike's powers are also getting stronger and he's extremely protective of Mead - so much so that when a butcher calls her a bitch, he stabs him with all the knives in the shop. You could call their relationship sweet, had the two not been so murderous of course. We see how Mike had been groomed to be the silky-haired antichrist right from the time he was a boy.

Interestingly, through these flashbacks, we are led to believe Mike did have a tiny flicker of light inside him. Those hopes are extinguished when he kills the guard in the police station (having been arrested for murdering the butcher) and giggles about it as if he'd just had some dessert. At the station, the warlocks find him and they are absolutely convinced that he's their Alpha who will help them overpower the Supreme and her witches. The creators play on showing the hierarchy of power in the magic faction. The women are on top and the men feel threatened and want to overpower them to take their "rightful place." 


Mike goes to the school of Warlocks (which looks so much like Outpost 3) and meets warlocks John Henry Moore, Ariel and a bunch of others. Moore is extremely suspicious of Mike but Ariel is sold out on the Alpha idea. He mentions a prophecy that could very well connect the dots for us. He believes that there will come an Alpha whose "power would be beyond comprehension and his magic would exterminate that of the witches." Mike turns humidity into snow, he finds an Adam and Eve book (such a 'Forbidden Fruit' moment) by putting his hand through a mirror and he manages to teleport like a pro. He's the best in class like Voldy used to be and a not so subtle show-off. Thinking about it, is that what led to the apocalypse? Some dumb warlocks trying to overthrow Cordelia Goode and making Mike all powerful without really knowing who he is? Think so!


Meanwhile, the witches also have their training session in full swing. Zoe is teaching a bunch of students the art of illusion. There's a stark difference in the way the two schools work. While the warlocks are mean and nasty, the witches teach with empowerment, inspiration, and patience. Amongst all the faces is one we know too well - Mallory. She is the best in class, like Mike, and can do extraordinary things - like turn white roses blue then rip them apart to create little butterflies! So we know for sure that Mallory was really a witch at some point and a very powerful one. Maybe it was her witch side that is trying to "claw out"?

Murphy and Falchuk make a surprise 'Hotel' crossover this season. We once again step in through the doors of the Cortez and Evan Peters is just sitting there looking bored as ever as James March. March was a serial killer who built the hotel with the sole purpose of hiding his victims' bodies in the season, but, as a ghost, he's pretty chill. He's playing cards with Queenie (yay!) who is said to have been trapped there. Cordelia tries to rescue her multiple times but fails and almost all hope is lost. Mike sees her failure as an opportunity and goes to Cortez and walks out with Queenie. While he's there, March observes that he's alive yet very much "intimate" with the dead. He then goes on to get Madison out of her personal hell - where she works as a shop assistant getting tased and dealing with pots full of rotten gunk. We still don't know how those two got there in the first place. 


While this episode of 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' did provide answers to some burning questions, it left us with even more mysteries. What happened to Mike's coven? Did he end up killing the warlocks and convert the school into an Outpost? Is he really an alpha or just a "demonic possession" like John Henry had pointed out? Is there a chance that they disagreed with him and he killed them all? how does Venable fit into the whole thing? Most importantly, when will Jessica Lange grace our television screens?! 

Sigh, we'll just have to wait and see. 

'American Horror Story' airs every Thursday at 10 pm on FX.