'American Horror Story: Apocalypse': Is Billie Lourd's acting sub-par? Fans weigh in

Fans are saying that Billie Lourd is in 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' simply because of her family connections

                            'American Horror Story: Apocalypse': Is Billie Lourd's acting sub-par? Fans weigh in

Every time Billie Lourd comes on screen in 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse', the 'Coven' theme starts playing in the background. It suddenly gets windy, a butterfly flies out of nowhere and there's an ever-present nervous aura around her. Her character, Mallory, is supposed to be an all-powerful witch — someone who can bring the antichrist to his knees.

Strangely, the power only remains as something from the books as none of us at home feel it. While her character development could be intentionally made to give off 'just-out-of-college' vibes so that when she does get out of her shell, it will be breathtaking, fans of the show argue that it may not just be a character trait, it could be Lourd's bad acting.


"I feel like I’m seeing the same expression for every intense scene," noted a fan. "Compared to the acting caliber of others in the show she is really bad. She has no range and just has the same tone and delivery for every single line," another fan agreed. The fan also accused her of getting the role not because she's good, but because she was someone famous. She's the daughter of actress Carrie Fisher and talent agent, Bryan Lourd.

"What it boils down to is nepotism, especially since Billie didn't audition for anything. RM (Ryan Murphy) just called her up and said you're doing this role I gave for you. I hope she's not a regular next season, the nature of anthology series means needing actors who have a diverse range and can perform multiple character archetypes, and Billie has shown she is only able to pull off one (boring) type of character," wrote the fan on Reddit.

Another fan added, "Completely agree. Ryan has a tendency to pick actresses based off of their family connections, regardless of their (LACK OF) talent. Billie Lourd, Emma Roberts, and Kate Mara come to mind. I'd rather see him develop decent roles for someone who doesn't have those connections, and who actually has talent when given the chance to showcase it but who Hollywood tends to overlook, like Gabby and Leslie."

Although Emma Roberts is one of the main characters of the show, she has very little character development as Madison Mongomery this season. In 'Coven' she had quite the arc but this season she's more like a series regular.


One fan went on to call her "easily the weakest link of the cast" while another declared that she cannot act. "She simply can’t act. I really don’t know why Ryan keeps giving her roles. I guess it’s because of the nepotism but she could literally live off of her family’s money like the rich white girl she is and be fine. It's almost tragic how terrible her acting is. Granted — it’s gotten better but it’s really no match to the other OGs on the show," said the fan. Although this is her second time on 'AHS', fans clearly don't consider her a part of the franchise.