'American Horror Story Apocalypse': Kathy Bates reveals her character is still developing as 'the Bible of Mead is being written'

Actress Kathy Bates who plays the role of Miriam Mead, the robot who is bonded to Michael Langdon, the Antichrist, says that her character is still developing.

                            'American Horror Story Apocalypse': Kathy Bates reveals her character is still developing as 'the Bible of Mead is being written'

We knew there was something off about Miriam Mead when we were introduced to her in the season premiere of 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse'. She looked like a soldier but behaved like a schemer. We knew she was evil at first glance but nothing prepared us for the bomb that dropped later - she was actually a robot all along! What's more, we were told that she was actually from team Antichrist Michael Langdon. 

'AHS' veteran Kathy Bates, who is absolutely stunning as the mechanical Mead revealed in a recent interview with Variety that although she did know about the robot side of things, Mead's character is still developing. "I knew she was a robot; I knew she was faithful to Venable; I knew she worked for the Cooperative. But Mead is being caught between Venable and her duty. The bible [of Mead] is being written as each episode is being delivered to me," she said. More twists along the way? We certainly think so!



Bates won hearts when she played the racist turned nice Madame Delphine LaLaurie in the third season, 'Coven'. Her character had a certain greasiness about her that Bates pulled off with elan. She returned as Ethel Darling in the fourth season, 'Freak Show' and concierge Iris in the fifth season, 'Hotel'. She's known to play pretty deep and strong roles in the franchise. Her scariest role so far has to be that of Agnes Mary Winstead "The Butcher" in season 6 'Roanoke.' 

Ryan Murphy's characters certainly have depth and complexities and Bates said that it was one of the reasons why he keeps her coming back. "Ryan Murphy basically saved my life. When I was sick with cancer years ago and I got a job working with him, he turned my whole life around, and that’s why I want to hang with him. And that’s on a personal level, and on a professional level, he's the man with the big stick these days — and he comes up with great characters, and [the] key is he loves women: he loves older women, younger women, and to find parts for older women, I can’t say enough about that. That’s why I’m there. It’s a home where I can continue to grow and evolve as an actor," she said.

She continued, "The reason I came back was because of Ryan Murphy and because he’s given me so many opportunities to play so many characters I never would have dreamed of playing. When he invited me to come back for this season I was thrilled. … Ryan tells stories that are always more than just the story he’s telling, that’s the best way I can say it."

Bates also confirmed a burning question that we've had since 'Forbidden Fruit' aired this Wednesday - are the witches and Team Michael going to fight face to face? "I think it’s very clearly established in [the third] episode that he has opened Mead’s eyes and that she is now bound to him. … The fact that Mallory has now discovered these powers has taken him aback. He thought they were all dead [but] she sees his real face, and that starts to set up the opposition. And then the witches come and they wake their sisters up, so you can definitely assume there’s going to be conflict between the witches and [them]."

'American Horror Story' airs every Wednesday at 10 pm on FX.