Is 'American Horror Story' planning another crossover after 'Coven', 'Murder House' and 'Hotel'?

Is 'American Horror Story' planning another crossover after 'Coven', 'Murder House' and 'Hotel'?

The recent episode of 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' was beyond shocking - who would have thought that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk would decide it was time we visited Hotel Cortez? No one. Twitter and Reddit fans felt the shockwaves of this surprise bomb and so did we. While 'Could It Be...Satan?' did give us backstories about the charming antichrist, his strange devil worshipping companion Mead, as well as hinted toward what may have started the apocalypse, it left us with a big question - are there more surprise crossovers apart from 'Coven' and 'Murder House'? 

The 'AHS: Hotel' crossover was a shocker and 'Apocalypse' used it as a way to give us some background about two very important characters from season 3 'Coven'. Queenie had been trapped in 'Hotel' in season 5 and it was almost set in stone that she's not coming back. At the time, Cordelia Goode wasn't involved and we were a tiny bit surprised that she deserted her voodoo loving witch. We get to know this season that Cordelia had, in fact, gone in search of Queenie and had tried to get her out.


Her powers were no match for the evil that is Hotel Cortez and she tried for days to get poor Queenie out without any success. Evan Peters returned as James March, his character from 'Hotel', who was a serial killer that built the hotel with the sole purpose of hiding his victims' bodies. March also plays a pivotal role in revealing more of Michael Langdon's characteristics - he says he is somehow alive but more intimate with the dead. Michael rescues Queenie, who is, for sure, one of the witches resurrected by Cordelia at Outpost 3 this season.

When we see the flashbacks of Cordelia's coven in school in 'Apocalypse', there's an important piece of information that leads to my suspicion that there is a 'Roanoke' crossover this season. First, is Emily's character. She was killed off with Tim at the beginning of this season but there is no way that Venable made such a big deal of her if she was just going to die as a shock factor. There's a theory that suggests she is connected to officer Lee Harris, who was the main character in the season 6 of 'Roanoke'.

The location of the outpost itself is so similar to the house that was featured in season 6. It's even in the same color palette too - which has been used before to draw similarities in 'AHS'.  We might see the house again - after all, Outpost 3 is definitely the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men. The fabled other Outpost is supposed to be the Murder House so if these two locations are so crucial to the story, who is to say that this won't be true? 


Harris had a daughter named Emily, who was kidnapped as a baby and was never found in that season. Someone stole her from her car and that was it. Is this Emily the same one? Theories suggest that Emily was raised in the forest by the tribes and was eventually given up to Lilith, the evil demoness who is said to have spelled doom for mankind.

The second hint was hidden in this week's episode. Mallory is described as someone whose bloodline goes all the way back to witches of Salem. We know they were known as the pioneer of witchcraft. Is there a chance that Mallory is related to Roanoke's Scáthach, the bloodthirsty immortal witch, and the original Supreme. She is known to have been the most powerful of them all - she is the master of all seven of the Seven Wonders. She's also the Devil's cousin. Since we know just how much Micahel was taken aback by Mallory and how much she frightened him, there is a huge possibility that Mallory is related to the first Supreme ever which means scary flashbacks from 'Roanoke'. 

Do you think we will go back to 'My Roanoke Nightmare'? 

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