'American Horror Story Apocalypse' finale: Has the antichrist been hiding in plain sight?

So many questions that we need answers to - will the 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' finale manage to live up to the expectations that it has created through this season?

                            'American Horror Story Apocalypse' finale: Has the antichrist been hiding in plain sight?

Spoilers ahead. 

Come Wednesday and 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' will wrap up its eighth season. The hype for this season, which was initially just a crossover between 'AHS: Coven' and 'AHS: Murder House', has been insane thanks to the surprise characters that were brought in from the last seasons. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk even threw in a little of an unannounced 'AHS: Hotel' crossover and left fans gasping for air. It was only after their third episode that things began to go slow as the story nose-dived into a whole lot of flashbacks and backstories riddled with loose ends. As the finale neared, fans could only wonder if 'Apocalypse' could indeed pull up its socks - so can it give the otherwise impeccable story a fitting end in 40 minutes? Let's look at the possibilities.   




Who is Mallory, really?

There have been too many speculations surrounding the mysterious Mallory. Theories have suggested that she's an angel, that she's the next Supreme and that she is the one who will bring Michael Langdon, the antichrist down. However, judging from  'AHS' finales from the past, this would be a little too predictable. What if Mallory is the antichrist? Think about it.




We've always had our doubts about Michael not being strong enough to bring in the apocalypse. He needs a robot to do his bidding and somehow feels like he's just a wayward teenager. Mallory, on the other hand, has always been portrayed as the all-powerful - she can do everything under the sun that Cordelia and Michael can do. Her origins also date back to the Salem witches - although we don't really know what the story was really playing at there, casually mentioning something like that. It would also explain the identity spell that was put on Mallory. 

Theories suggest that the witches had a spell put on Mallory to make her forget her true evil identity and then followed up with the identity spell to keep Coco from sensing that she's bad news. Coco's powers make her capable of detecting danger. Although its only been gluten so far, there's a strong chance that Coco will know who Mallory is, now that the identity spell has been removed. 




Looking at it biblically, the Antichrist is known to perform miracles at first, as Jesus did. Only the purest of hearts are said to be able to tell the difference between Satan and Christ. Thessalonians 2:9 says, " The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie." Hits too close to home isn't it? Mallory's name itself translates into someone who brings bad luck while Michael is named after an archangel. 

Who is Michael, then?

It could also be entirely possible that Micahel Langdon is the false prophet and not the antichrist himself. Also, isn't 666 a little too predictable? Like something, Cordelia would pull. If you go by Revelations, it does say that the false prophet would bear the mark of the beast. What's more, when Michael was in the forest looking for dad, an angel meets him and tells him that his father loves him. 




While Michael is the son of a ghost and a human and has always had murderous tendencies, what is really surprising is his concept of the "new world" and "what he was born to do". There's a whole world of possibilities that suggest that he was just badly raised. We know he kills people ruthlessly but Mead raised him to be that way. She cemented his belief in Satan and that it was his bidding to usher in the apocalypse. Mead worships the goat-headed demon Baphomet and is clearly into rituals and satanic practices. Is it too far fetched to think that she found this gifted little boy and gave him a home and enforced her own ideologies on him? What if without Mead, Langdon was just any other murderer and not the antichrist?

It is also certainly possible that she did a ritual that gave the devil access to his body. Being the perfect host, he took over Michael completely. If you believe spoilers floating online, the antichrist is said to be hiding in plain sight. 

What happens to the coven?

The coven is another faction that we need to address. What happens to Cordelia and the gang now that she's losing her powers? Well, they may just die permanently. Michael, the king of manipulation will make sure that the coven ends up breaking up internally and ends up killing one another. Zoe and Queenie are already dead and Misty is off saving the world. Whatever is left of the coven is easy to manipulate. Madison may survive it all, though. 




How you ask? She's always been about taking care of herself and Michael may promise to let her live if she helps him with the plan. With an episode in the season named 'Traitor' that entirely focused on Madison's character arc, is this a possibility? Heck, yes. 

Dinah's karma may come back to bite her. She betrayed Cordelia's trust and got innocent lives killed. She could be going to hell or we could see a painful death - quite like Marie Laveau's in 'AHS: Coven'. Both of them are Papa Legba's pets and this didn't end well for Marie last time. 

So many questions that we need answers to - will the 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' finale manage to live up to the expectations that it has created through this season?

'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' airs Wednesday at 10 PM on FX.