American Horror Story Apocalypse finale: Ryan Murphy drops a huge clue about who returns in the season 8 finale

After 'American Horror Story Apocalypse' wrapped up its eighth episode 'Fire and Reign', Ryan Murphy revealed the return of three Coven characters

                            American Horror Story Apocalypse finale: Ryan Murphy drops a huge clue about who returns in the season 8 finale

We've speculated it, we've wished for it so desperately and now, it is finally true. Fans have been wanting Marie Laveau, Angela Bassett's character back on 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' ever since things started spiraling out of control for Cordelia and the gang. With Apocalypse's reputation of bringing back characters from the dead and having surprise crossovers, it only seemed fair that the powerful voodoo queen from season three is brought back on the show. After all, it is an 'AHS: Coven' crossover season. Now, Ryan Murphy has officially announced she's coming back for the finale!

On a post on Instagram, soon after 'Apocalypse' wrapped up its eighth episode 'Fire and Reign', Murphy posted a picture confirming the appearance. Additionally, it also looks like Fiona Goode, Jessica Lange's character from 'Coven' and Madam Delphine, played by Kathy Bates in the season is also making a comeback.

He captioned the picture with another cryptic message saying, "They Know What They Need To Do". The season had earlier brought back characters and actors from the other 'AHS' seasons through cameos. Pepper (Naomi Grossman) from 'Freak Show', Nan (Jamie Brewer) from 'Coven' and Mr. March (Evan Peters) from 'Hotel' had appeared and truly made us believe that one ever really dies in 'American Horror Story'. 

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They Know What They Need To Do

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These additions could change the game for the witches in the season finale, especially if Fiona Goode is on their team.

Those who have seen her in 'Coven' know the extent of her powers and badassery and they also know that she could go to any lengths to make sure she gets what she wants. Goode's powers may have been weaker than Cordelia when she became Supreme, but there's one thing that Goode has that none of them do — the woman could manipulate a rock into doing her bidding if she wished. Fiona Goode would be Lange's second character this season since she's already appeared as Constance Langdon in 'Return to Murder House'. 

Laveau's powers remain unparalleled throughout 'Coven' and her comeback could spell disaster for the world if she isn't on their side. From Dinah's actions this episode, it may be a strained relationship. On the other hand, if she does decide to help Cordelia for old time's sake, we'd probably see Michael lose. As for Delphine, we hope she returns the way we left her in 'Coven'. Her character arc was very steep in 'Coven' — she went from being a ruthless, racist, obsessive monster of a lady to someone who understood the value of loyalty and friendship and was on the good side. 

'American Horror Story' finale will air next Wednesday on November 14 at 10 pm on FX.