'American Horror Story Apocalypse' review: A finale full of missed opportunities

'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' finale was anything but satisying - but mostly what disappointed us was the deaths, put in the story, for the sake of shock value.

                            'American Horror Story Apocalypse' review:  A finale full of missed opportunities

Major spoilers ahead.

'American Horror Story' finales have a history of letting the bad guys win. Apart from the one odd time here and there, Ryan Murphy's evil monsters always take the trophy home. However, here's what this season finale had that others did not - fantastic characters who didn't get to see the light of day. The finale, 'Apocalypse then' was as disappointing as a dog thinking he's going to the park to end up at the vets instead. Too many shock value deaths, plot holes, and characters laid to waste away - it is so unfortunate that 'Apocalypse' just did not live up to its full potential. 




Let's start with Mallory's character. The whole season was a build up about the time Mallory would realize the full extent of her powers. She would take down Michael Langdon, the son of Satan and the antichrist as we know it. Mallory is but a means to an end in the finale - a band-aid that tries to fix a bullet hole. As the finale wooshed through the hotchpotch that was the past, the present, and the future,  this character that was built through the last ten episodes became but a fly on the wall. The writers could have given Mallory more than two facial expressions as well. Billie Lourd, who plays Mallory had recently teased a "satisfying" finale and all I can hear after watching this finale is Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk sniggering at the back, laughing at our expectations.

Michael Langdon's end was so infuriatingly ordinary. After the finale, it appears as though he was a secondary character. While the show was called 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' and not 'American Horror Story: Adventures of Michael Langdon' this end to a character created with so much depth was a major disappointment. The finale conveys the concept of how the end of the world will come no matter what and that Satan will find a way to bring new spawns. Sadly, if this is the only twist this season had to offer. If you're a loyal fan of the franchise, this isn't even a twist, to be honest. 




Coco's character was a token from day one. She could count calories in food which was implied to her being able to detect danger. As misfit as her powers were, she was expected to play a huge role somewhere in the season. Unfortunately, the season is over and we still didn't see anything worthwhile from Coco. What was the point of putting Coco in the story? Who knows. As fans pointed out, they also missed a nice one-liner for Coco when Michael ate Laveau's heart "651 calories, b****!" 

Marie Laveau, a beloved character from 'Coven' was brought in for the finale - to die without any kind of fight. She cast a spell and had some sassy one-liners to give us and then she's dead. She was known as the queen of voodoo, a witch more powerful than anyone known. She was more powerful than Queenie and Dinah Stevens combined. She was said to have been more powerful than even Cordelia sometimes in season 3. Whatever happened to this history? We understand Satan's spawn was much more powerful than all of them combined, but the least they could do was put up a fight. 




Finally, let's talk about the deaths this finale, just for the sake of being a twist. Madison Montgomery's head squishing murder was so unreasonable. There was no need for her to die that way. Myrtle killing the two bowl-cut haired scientists would have been a good murder to show. Their characters were evil from the start and giving them a proper (read gruesome) farewell would have been a nice cap for the finale for fans. Even when you talk about the whole season, Queenie and Zoe only came into this season because the whole coven was coming back - they did nothing substantial. The episode with the 'Hotel' crossover wasn't about Queenie at all, it was about Michael's powers. There was one thing the finale got right - Dinah Stevens' end. 

'Apocalypse' has left too many loose ends to tie up and what's more, the end of events has altered the ends of the seasons that we've had crossovers from this season, namely 'Hotel', 'Murder House' and 'Coven'. Perhaps the next season would continue with a new spawn, robot army, and a whole new witch school - we sure hope not. 

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