American Horror Story Apocalypse episode 5 recap: Finally! back to the murder house, we go

From a traitor to unlikely spies and a new Supreme, 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' is revealing a ton of secrets - take it all in while you can

                            American Horror Story Apocalypse episode 5 recap: Finally! back to the murder house, we go

Spoilers for episode 5, 'Boy Wonder' ahead.

One revelation after another, 'Boy Wonder' like its predecessor 'Could It be...Satan?' tells us stories - quite a few of them. Also, we are totally loving the writers this week for keeping a franchise from almost eight years ago so fresh and laced with pop culture references. 

It starts off with where Cordelia Goode left us in the last episode, panic-stricken after she collapsed on the grounds outside Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men. She wakes up in a vision that scares her to death - shes standing in the middle of a run-down building that turns out to be Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. At first, there's nothing in sight. She screams for her coven sisters - Myrtle Snow, Zoe and Queenie - but she doesn't hear anyone.

The world is spinning fast around Cordelia and suddenly it stops. Out of the fog and darkness come grotesquely disfigured creatures and they start attacking her. She falls over backward and as the creatures feast, she sees the face of pure evil - the one Michael was forced to show when he had the encounter with Mallory at Outpost 3.


When she wakes from the dream, her sisters are by her side and she finally sees Queenie and Madison. They hug and greet one another and Cordelia knows that she must do something about the vision. She goes to the warlocks and here comes a twist - she asks Michael to take the test of the Seven Wonders. Snow attempts to stop her, but she refuses. The night of the blood moon, if Michael could pass, he would be the next Supreme. What Cordelia doesn't know is that the face she saw in the vision would go on to be Michael Langdon's.

This episode does nod to the fact that Cordelia was the one who made the wrong decision and that is where the apocalypse started. Interestingly, when she calls out for help in the vision, she misses Madison. It could be because she was dead or it could be because Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are hinting that she would indeed go on to betray her sisters. 

Snow is convinced it is a bad idea since she believes that men make terrible leaders and bring about catastrophe - she even cites Mark Zuckerberg as an example. Here's when Cordelia's weakness as a Supreme comes into play. Her insecurity that she isn't the most powerful is the one thing that has plagued her since season 3, 'Coven' and Michael Langdon tugs on just those strings. By bringing Queenie back from Hotel Cortez, something Cordelia herself announced that she couldn't do, Michael planted a seed of doubt in her mind - what if she isn't the most powerful? Remember when she had to go back and forth with her sight in 'Coven'? She is so terrified that she will turn out as ruthless as her mother, the former Supreme Fiona Goode, that she forgets why she ascended the throne in the first place. 


Meanwhile, we get an insight into how Coco joined the gang. We also get to know what her powers are - she can sense danger. Although she calls herself a "gluten detector", Cordelia assures her that she's special.

The warlocks continue to celebrate Michael but in the midst of the celebration, John Henry Moore (bless that man) sees Michael's real face for a flicker of a second. He decides to tell Cordelia and is set to go off to New Orleans. Behold Chablis gets in his way and accuses him of being jealous. Moore, not having any of his stupidity, pins him to the wall and leaves the room. He also confesses that he's just as terrified. Is Michael listening like he was the last time?

Turns out he wasn't but there was a traitor amongst the warlocks. The one who would go to any extent to overthrow the witches - Ariel. He had been working with Mead the whole time and tells her that Henry had left for New Orleans. Myrtle Snow's words almost echo in your head as you hear this revelation - the warlocks are indeed unfit to head the covens. Mead catches up with Henry on the road and in the pretext of asking for help, slashes his neck and sets him on fire at the gas station. She then rushes to the school to meet her little boy, who comes out to greet her with open arms. Seriously, if these two weren't murderous, their relationship could be genuinely wholesome. 


No one seems to have missed Henry at all because next, we see Cordelia come to Hawthorne and tell Michael that he can be Supreme if he got Misty Day back. An impossible task, to get her back from purgatory, Cordelia is sure that he would fail. Michael in no time brings Misty back and ascends the throne. Misty, however, makes an astonishing revelation - when Michael came to rescue her she said it was like something evil was speaking to him. All the children in the classroom, where Misty is forced to dissect a live frog (her greatest fear is killing a living being), have their eyes rolled up looking like they have been possessed by the devil himself.

Stevie Nicks makes her season eight debut as Misty and the group has some dinner and as she serenades them. What follows left us in chills - Cordelia sends Behold and Madison to find dirt on the new Supreme. We are taken back, in slow motion, to the murder house.

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