'American Horror Story Apocalypse': Episode 4 'It Could Be... Satan' promo explained

'American Horror Story Apocalypse': Episode 4 'It Could Be... Satan' promo explained

'Forbidden Fruit' has definitely set our expectations extremely high so will 'Could It Be... Satan?' bowl us over or let us down? Since 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' hasn't let us down so far, I don't think it's going to start now - although, this week's promo is probably the most confusing one so far. 

It starts with Madison Montgomery working in what looks like a laundromat - she appears to be a shop assistant, looking completely watered down in a neat cyan uniform. She's polite too, which is so out of character for her. In comes Michael with a pair of really sleek shoes and shorter hair and Madison goes, "Who are you again?" It wouldn't be too strange to assume that this could be Madison's personal hell - a dark place filled with the fear that she would have to let go of her lavish ways. Since Michael has previously said that he reaches out to the darkness within people, is this Madison's darkest place? So pliable, so co-operative - it doesn't look like the movie star witch who made the snooty jab at Mallory in the last episode. 

The next shot shows us the ever sweet Supreme Cordelia Goode who is still pretty hell-bent on saving the world. She comes face to face with Michael Langdon in this episode as the promo shows him asking her why does she still want to fight when he has "already won".

Goode says that they can together save the world - although it is unclear as to who she's talking to. It could be Mikey and it could also be the witches she just resurrected. We learn that Mallory is probably just Mallory - someone we have never met before. If she was someone else, wouldn't Goode address her as the witch's name? Perhaps. The promo also drops a hint that Mallory will go on to be a very important part of the plot this season because  Goode, the most powerful witch out there is asking for her help. She tells her that they need her on their side but Mallory doesn't respond. Is she evil? 

The titles of the episodes are very significant in the show and this title itself hints that "Father" may come down (or up?) to the nuclear winter and show some party tricks. Last episode, Michael's eyes had gone black after he bled into the Pentagon and asked daddy for help. Will he now operate through Mikey? Only time will tell. 

Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt is seen saying "Please don't let me die again. It really sucked the first time" which definitely means that the witches are going to war - a very dangerous, life-threatening type of war. Don't forget to wear all black next Wednesday, the coven looks like it's going to battle Team Antichrist. 

'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' airs every Wednesday at 10 pm on FX.

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 American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 4 It Could Be Satan promo explained