'American Horror Story: Apocalypse': Fans remind Cordelia that 'physical abuse is never okay'

Fans were outraged after Cordelia Goode, Sarah Paulson's character on 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse', slapped Madison Montgomery, played by Emma Roberts, across her face

                            'American Horror Story: Apocalypse': Fans remind Cordelia that 'physical abuse is never okay'

Sarah Paulson has for the longest time been one of the most beloved actors on 'American Horror Story'. She's played multiple characters in the franchise since her role as psychic Billie Dean Howard in 'Murder House' and has aced every one of them. She reprises her role from 'Coven' this season and appears as Cordelia Goode, the Supreme, who will save us all. Cordelia was one of the most beloved witches in season 3 but, lately, that opinion seems to be changing. "The 8th wonder," the fans are calling it.


In the latest season, Paulson has managed to play two characters, Venable and Goode, each wildly different than the other. Venable is toxic and insecure and Goode is kind and powerful, or was, at least in the begining. She's now been reduced to a blubbering mess who can do nothing by herself and continues to make consistently bad decisions. Fans, however, were taken aback by her actions in the latest episode of the season, where she smacks Madison across her face just because she forgot to tell her that Michael can kill people. Kinda obvious, isn't it, Cordelia? He is the son of Satan. 

Her apathy towards Madison's character has always been appalling but physical abuse is a pretty terrible arc to give a character that is potentially one of the world's saviors, feel fans. "Yes, Madison is a bitch, but who isn't in the coven? Cordelia always feels so bad for Misty but she never shows the same empathy to Madison," a fan pointed out, comparing the way Cordelia always shields Misty Day even though she's just as flawed as Madison.


It's a different thing Madison doesn't behave like Cordelia's pet, which is perhaps one of the reasons why she gets treated badly. "She (Madison) was gang-raped, killed and kept as a doll, killed again and spent years in her own hell. Yet, Cordelia never felt as bad for her as she felt for Misty and the other girls. She sent Misty to recover from the ordeal while she sent Madison to get gossip on the Antichrist," said the disappointed fan.

"Madison reminds her of her mother, and she knows her mother was much more capable than she will ever be," said another fan. "Why hit Madison? How is any of it her fault?" asked another. 

"I can't stop thinking about last night’s AHS apocalypse. the scene where Cordelia slaps Madison pissed me off. Cordelia totally picks favorites, but Madison looked really hot in that dress. I hope this means she gets more screen time next episode," tweeted a fan. Another said, "Okay Madison did not deserve that slap. Cordelia I know you’re mad but ffs hold it together!"

Apart from this outrage, if you examine Cordelia's character this season, it has been a pretty dull arc. While the entry of the witches made us pretty excited, the turn the show took from Outpost 3 was nothing short of a snoozefest. We love Sarah Paulson, but getting behind Cordelia Goode is getting pretty awful and uneventful.