'American Horror Story Apocalypse': Billie Lourd recalls her experience in a tub for 7 hours to shoot episode 9

Billie Lourd, who plays Mallory in the latest 'American Horror Story' chapter revealed that time travel is hard not just as a spell, but also in real life

                            'American Horror Story Apocalypse': Billie Lourd recalls her experience in a tub for 7 hours to shoot episode 9

The recent episode of 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' involved a little bit on time travel and it proved to be difficult for Mallory and the gang. As it turns out it was a bit difficult to shoot in real life as well. Billie Lourd, who plays Mallory on the show, recently revealed in an interview with Variety that the water was a bit much.

"I've been wanting to talk about this!" she said excitedly before going on to confess that the reality was a bit different than she had imagined. "When I saw a bath scene on the page I was like, 'Oh great, I love a bath. … This is going to be a great time.' Cut to: I’m in the bath for [about] seven straight hours while they turn around. The stages are freezing — the stages are 57-degrees — so you don’t want to get out once you’re in."

She added: "I didn’t know arms could prune [but] arms can prune! So that piece was hilarious and a little bit trying at times, but it was honestly fun. We were all playing music and people were trying to bring me food and entertain me while I was in the bath, but honestly, if there’s a bath scene, question it. Don’t be as excited as I was." 


She also added that it was taxing emotionally as well. "It was really emotionally challenging, all of it, because in every scene I’ve done, someone’s life is on the line. And the actress who played the Russian Girl, Emilia [Ares], was so, so talented and so sweet, and that part is really difficult because you’re really seeing that you’re failing at saving someone’s life."

Lourd added: "It was amazing to see that Mallory could even get there and have the ability to maybe do it, but it was so heart-wrenching that she wasn’t able to do that I think it’s going to drive her even harder next time," she said. 

While she was at it, she also revealed a bit of information about the finale. She called it "satisfying". "I read it and actually cried, and it ties a beautiful little bow on the season. And it really is for the fans — I think the fans are going to be so happy because it answers all of the questions and is just so satisfying," she said.


Billie Lourd's character on 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' built up just like the apocalypse itself — one moment she was a Grey and the very next we realize she may be our only hope in saving humanity. Mallory had one of the most interesting story arcs this season and ironically her rise was very similar to the story's villain, Michael Langdon. She successfully infiltrated the Outpost this season and the only time we knew who she was, was when she came face to face with the Antichrist himself!

Her character arc was not just unpredictable, but also one of the saving graces for the show this season. Lourd said that she always knew there was more to Mallory than just being Coco the snob's assistant.

"Because I know Ryan and I always know something is in store beyond what you know. So, I was like, 'She can’t just be an assistant — there’s no way'. And the way he looked at me when he pitched it to me, I knew there was something more to her. Just like Winter from last year," she said.

True isn't it? Quite like Venable, one of Sarah Paulson's many characters this season, Mallory was never just a fly on the wall. "I kind of just put my trust in his hands mostly," Lourd said before adding, "But once I figure out the character, obviously I try and make it my own in any way that I can. But he has given me such incredible characters to play and I’ve been so lucky, I just let go and let Ryan." This is Lourd's second time on 'AHS' — she's earlier played the character of Winter Anderson on 'AHS: Cult'. 

'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' finale airs on Wednesday at 10 pm on FX.