'American Gods' season 3: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news, and everything to know about the Ian McShane show

'American Gods' season 3: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news, and everything to know about the Ian McShane show

The second season of 'American Gods' went through a lot of trouble in the production stages after creators of the first season Bryan Fuller and Michael Green left the show. Jesse Alexander took over as the showrunner along with Neil Gaiman but reportedly he too was not a part of the show after starting work on it. According to reports, producing director Chris Byrne and line producer Lisa Kussner became in charge of the second season and this is considered one of the reasons why the second season with huge plot holes received negative reviews. Recently, it was confirmed that Chic Eglee would be the showrunner of season 3 along with Neil Gaiman, the author of the book. 


The plot of season 3 has not been revealed so far, but following the finale of season 2 author Neil Gaiman spoke about the possibilities and said in an interview to Deadline, "Well, he’s (Shadow Moon) got a new identity waiting for him, and he’s heading out, so things are going to change. That is part of the fun right now for me is that I’ve spent the whole of South by Southwest working with Chic Eglee, our new showrunner, on breaking down what was going to happen to all of our characters of Season 3, and how Lakeside was going to work. Actually, I spent part of this week with him, and I’m going to be spending more time with him in the next few days not just working out Season 3 but also how that moves into Season 4, and what we’re doing in Season 4."

Season 2 recap:

The second season of 'American Gods' ended on a rather dramatic note. Sweeney died after he fell upon the spear that he had initially wanted to use on Wednesday. Shadow Moon finds himself along with Wednesday, Salim and Jinn falsely accused of being terrorists. Shadow also finds the truth about his father and learns that Mr. Wednesday, aka the Norse god Odin, was his father and realized that he was a demigod. He uses his powers to undo what New Media did to accuse him and his friends in the first place. Laura learns of Sweeney's death and leaves with his body and decides to kill Wednesday as revenge. Wednesday himself has left the funeral of Sweeney all by himself and Shadow takes a bus on his own.


Ricky Whittle 

Actor Ricky Whittle plays the role of Shadow Moon in 'American Gods'. (Source: IMDb)

Actor Ricky Whittle will reprise the role of the protagonist of the show Shadow Moon and at the end of season 2, he was revealed to be Wednesday, that is, the Norse god Odin's son. 

Ian McShane

Actor Ian McShane plays the role of Mr. Wednesday, the Old God Odin in 'American Gods'. (Source: IMDb)

Ian McShane plays the role of Mr. Wednesday who hires Shadow Moon initially as his bodyguard. It is later revealed that he is the Old God Odin from the Norse mythology. 

Emily Browning

A still of Laura Moon, played by Emily Browning in 'American Gods'. (Source: IMDb)

Actress Emily Browning plays the role for Shadow's wife Laura Moon, who dies in an accident only to come back again as a zombie who is being eaten by maggots from inside out. She tries to get her old life back with the help of Mad Sweeney and at times, even Wednesday.


Pablo Schreiber

Actor Pablo Schreiber played the role of Mad Sweeney in 'American Gods'. (Source: IMDb)

It is unclear if actor Pablo Schreiber will be back on the show at this time. He could appear in a cameo as towards the end of season 2, Pablo's character Mad Sweeney dies. He also gets close to Laura while the two became partners in crime after she used his luck to stay alive. 

Crispin Glover

Actor Crispin Glover plays the role of Mr. World in 'American Gods'. (Source: IMDb)

Actor Crispin Glover as Mr. World is the head of the new gods including Technical Boy and New Media. His aim is to start a war between the Old Gods and the New Gods, but only when he is certain that his side would win the said war. 


Orlando Jones 

Actor Orlando Jones the African trickster God Anansi aka Mr. Nancy in 'American Gods'. (Source: IMDb)

Actor Orlando Jones plays the role of Mr. Nancy aka the African trickster God Anansi. He is one of the Old Gods and is on the side of Wednesday. Mr. Nancy wants to take control and start a war to remind his people of their old gods that they should begin to be devoting themselves to. 

Bruce Langley

Bruce Langley plays Technical Boy in 'American Gods'. (Source: IMDb)

Actor Bruce Langley plays the role of Technical Boy, who is the god of all things Technology. His origin was explored in the second season and we saw that he became friends with the man who was his first devotee. This same man also becomes the reason why Technical Boy gets imprisoned. 


Mousa Kraish 

Actor Mousa Kraish plays the role of the Jinn in 'American Gods'. (Source: IMDb)

Actor Mousa Kraish plays the role of The Jinn and he is a mythical creature of Fire.  His relationship with a human being Salim and one of their intimate scenes from season 1 has got fans shipping them. 

Omid Abtahi

Actor Omid Abtahi played the role of Salim in 'American Gods'. (Source: IMDb)

Actor Omid Abtahi plays the role of Salim, who is the Jinn's love interest in the series. While in the first season the two of them discover love and lust. In season two, the two also discover their differences when it comes to their beliefs, especially about Gods. 



The show is based on author Neil Gaiman's book of the same name and the third season will have a new showrunner Chic Eglee who is also working with Neil on season 4. 

Release date:

The release date of the upcoming season of American Gods is yet to be announced. 


The renewal was recently announced and the upcoming season is still under production. 


'American Gods' season 2 concluded on April 28 and the show has been renewed for season 4. Neil Gaiman, the author of the book and one of the executive producers of the show also hinted at wanting season 4 greenlit as soon as possible. He told Deadline, "Chic and I are working right now on Season 4. He’s come out to the East Coast for a couple of days. We’re just breaking it down. Some of that is going over what we already planned for Season 3 and just figuring out how we’re doing Season 4, how many episodes it is, and what we’re delivering in the story by the end of Season 4."


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