'American Gods' Season 3 Episode 3: Laura Moon in Purgatory drops F-bombs, realizes she's not at fault entirely

'American Gods' season 3 episode 3 sees Laura Moon arrive at Afterlife ready to visit her Purgatory

                            'American Gods' Season 3 Episode 3: Laura Moon in Purgatory drops F-bombs, realizes she's not at fault entirely
Emily Browning as Laura Moon in 'American Gods' (Starz)

Spoilers for 'American Gods' Season 3 Episode 3 'Ashes and Demons'

Bilquis (Yetide Badaki) is definitely in trouble after having swallowed tech giant Bill Sanders whole and the person that she calls out for help is none other than Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle). However, the one we are most interested in, in this episode is Laura Moon (Emily Browning). Laura had given her (dead) life up to bring Sweeney back to life. So now, she is headed to the Afterlife where she is given a card to wait her turn to experience purgatory. While she is impatient to wait her turn, she ends up stealing someone else's card to enter purgatory.

Yetide Badaki as Bilquis in 'American Gods' (Starz)

Of course, what Moon doesn't realize is that the card that she held changes every second. So instead, what happens is that she watches the life of Laura Moon unfold. The first time around, what really happens is that Moon comes to an angry realization that everything that went wrong with her life was of her own making. Dropping a string of F-bombs, she says that her father was into sport fuc****, which resulted in her mother's revenge fuc**** and having witnessed what her father did, Moon ended up doing her own share of fuc*** resulting in her fuc*** up her life. So she says that she is the 'architect of her fu**ed up life' and wants out of the purgatory room now that she has realized whatever was necessary. 

However, what really happened is something different and it is only when Moon realizes that will she be allowed to exit the video room that she had entered in the purgatory. So when she does try, she ends up drowning in a pool and is rescued only to be put back in the same room again. This time, shivering and raving mad, she tries to rewatch how her life had panned out, and turns, the ones who were supposed to protect her had ended up hurting her the most. Her father and she had visited a hotel with a woman whom Laura remembers and she sees how her father had abandoned her in the room alone with cartoons to keep her company and candies to eat if she had gotten bored. 

Laura Moon as she watches her life unravel on screen in 'American Gods' (Starz)

As a curious child, Moon had ended up walking out of the room to see if her father had gone to the pool as planned and instead sees him locking the door of a room that belonged to another woman. That was what Moon had meant when she had said that her father was into sport fu*****. Upon realizing that the trauma that had been inflicted upon her was a result of her parents' carelessness, the anger that Moon had felt even a few moments ago vanishes and she ends up feeling sorry for the little girl that she was. Now that she has realized the truth, can she really move on and away from Wednesday (Ian McShane)? We doubt it. 

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