'American Gods' Season 3 Episode 2 Spoilers: In Mousa Kraish's absence, will Salim find out if Jinn loved him?

Episode 2 will see how Salim begins to come to terms with the fact that Jinn may never return to his side

                            'American Gods' Season 3 Episode 2 Spoilers: In Mousa Kraish's absence, will Salim find out if Jinn loved him?
Salim and Jinn in 'American Gods' (Starz)

Spoilers for 'American Gods' Season 3 Episode 2 'Serious Moonlight'

In the second episode of 'American Gods' Season 3, one of the things that we see is how Salim (Omid Abtahi) decides to crash a memorial to be conducted in honor of the old Gods who lost their lives in the war that had taken place between the old Gods and the new. Salim's only intention was to confront Wednesday aka God of thunder Odin about what really happened to Jinn (Mousa Kraish) and why the ifrit from the middle east had decided to break up with his lover.

As far as Salim knew, Jinn had been on a mission that had been handed to him by Wednesday (Ian McShane), so he believes that getting the answers from Wednesday regarding Jinn's location might help him learn the truth of Jinn's heart. What Salim wants at the moment is not exactly the revival of his relationship with Jinn but more of a closure. A closure that includes the truth about whether Salim's love for Jinn was really reciprocated by the ifrit

Of course, Wednesday ended up being the same as****e that he was towards Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber), Laura Moon (Emily Browning), and everybody else that he had ever crossed paths with including his son Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle). So the fact that Salim spit on Wednesday's face, figuratively speaking, is not surprising. However, this particular scene does make us wonder, will Salim ever learn the truth? Speaking about the show from a logistical perspective, Kraish was not asked to return for the third season, however, unlike Orlando Jones, they did not exactly part ways but left things open-ended.

Omid Abtahi as Salim in 'American Gods' Season 3 (Starz)

In fact, when Kraish had announced that he would not be seen in the third season of 'American Gods', he had announced on Twitter, "So many of you & reaching out to me with support & love. I am so humbled & grateful for this wonderful community behind @neilhimself & #AmericanGods. I can confirm that I wasn’t asked to come back this season. It has been an honor to play the Jinn & live in his fiery-eyed skin.." 

He had added, "This character has introduced me to so much and I was proud to represent not just the Middle Eastern community in such a positive role you don’t normally see television but also the LGBTQ community that supported this character of color that you don’t see on television..." 


In addition, Kraish said, "I thank @BryanFuller for that & showing me how to play a queer character with such honor & depth. I thank @andmichaelgreen
for always taking the time for me. I thank @neilhimself for being such a positive & beautiful man I can now call a friend. I love & thank the cast & crew..." and wrote, "I also want thank @starz & the amazing team there. The door isn’t closed for me. If I’m ever asked to come back & portray the Jinn I will do it happily & proudly to be able to stand in front of my friend @AbtahiOmid & shine with the two characters who go beyond the page..."


He concluded, "To the fans of @AmericanGods thank you so much for all your messages. I’m blown away by all of you. You make the show. You are the show. For me. It’s all love. #AmericanGods."


So the answer that Salim is looking for in the show is something that he must chance upon and realize on his own, especially if it happens to be something in the current season.

'American Gods' Season 3 episodes will premiere at 12 am every Sunday on the Starz App and will then be broadcast on Starz channel at 8 pm ET.

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