'American Gods' season 2 episode 4 sees Wednesday and Shadow tangle over the dead wife

The episode also saw Technical Boy getting imprisoned after failing a mission that was handed over to him by Mr Town

                            'American Gods' season 2 episode 4 sees Wednesday and Shadow tangle over the dead wife

In the last episode, we saw Shadow return to Cairo where Dr. Ibis is housed with the help of Sam Black Crow. Wednesday abandoned the dead wife - Laura - after she had served her purpose of killing Argus.

Technical Boy failed the mission that was given to him by Mr. Town, by letting Argus get killed and the repercussions of these decisions are reflected in the 4th episode of the second season of 'American Gods.'

The one big takeaway from the episode is that Shadow is beginning to find out that Wednesday might not have the best interests at heart for everyone. This becomes apparent when Mamaji warns Shadow that Wednesday will be the death of him.

Secondly, Shadow doesn't seem too enthusiastic about his missing wife and every time he comes around to asking Wednesday about it, the Norse god tries to convince Shadow that the dead wife shouldn't be a part of Shadow's life. 


Another interesting takeaway from the episode was the birth of Technical Boy. He is the god of all new technology and the episode begins with a flashback that shows the first human who worshipped technology and gave birth to Technical Boy.

His birth, which happens at a funeral, is stunning not only because it is visually brilliant but the macabre irony of a birth at the scene of death is impactful.

In the present, after Argus' death, Technical Boy reaches out to his first worshipper to salvage a plan and keep Mr. Town happy but is surprised when Mr. Town reaches the worshipper's doorstep.

For the first time, Technical Boy, also sees that his worshippers are only fleeting believers and not loyal followers, which has him trying to run away from truth literally and figuratively. Of course, Mr Town can't let that happen now. so he imprisons Technical Boy with his own technology.

A still of Technical Boy in 'American Gods' season 2 episode 4. (Source: Starz)
A still of Technical Boy in 'American Gods' season 2 episode 4. (Source: Starz)


Wednesday and Shadow's secret meeting in St Louis faces a hurdle because Shadow is not on the registered list of the person that they are trying to meet.

The three girl scouts who are guarding the entrance refuse to let him buy candies (to get a meeting with a secret stakeholder, the God of Money). Wednesday, who is frustrated with this development is angered when Shadow, once again, asks him why he brought him in in the first place and Wednesday replies it's because Shadow has no one to go to, no home to call his own and no one 'dead' or alive thinking of him.

Upon hearing this, Shadow is speechless, but he regains composure enough to point out that he always knew the situation with Wednesday was too good to be true. 



After imprisoning Technical Boy, Mr. Town and Wednesday finally get a meeting with Money only to be rejected by him because Money doesn't invest in emotional warfare because the risks are too high.

This makes Mr. Town happy, considering he has enough resources in hand, but Wednesday is still confident that he can win Money over, if not with his plan than at least with his charm. 

The scene that has to be watched is the conversation between Mr. Nancy, Dr. Ibis and Bilquis about racism amongst Gods -- it is inspiring.

It is mostly Nancy trying to explain how Wednesday who is out for revenge for the death of  Zorya Vechernyaya, may not feel the same way had one of the black gods died, and you tend to then register how Wednesday has been treating not just Mr Nancy and Dr Ibis, but Mamaji for that matter.

It is all about bringing in their support for his cause, regardless of their opinions about it.