'Fear The Walking Dead' served up one of its most horrifying episodes yet as a mid-season finale. We aren't going to be forgetting Ed and his er...little house of horrors. Nevertheless, after all that blood, gore and ghastly terror, there was a shocking reveal at the end of the episode. Fans have been wondering what's up with Grace (Karen David) and where she has been all this while. As it turns out, Virginia (Colby Minifie) has a very pregnant Grace in her custody and it seems as if she might use her as leverage over Morgan, who by the way, turned astonishingly dark in this episode.

Morgan (Lennie James) has been trying to find a method of wresting people who are still under Virginia's control. And in order to do so, he convinced Charlie and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carter) to go with him and using Dakota (Zoe Colletti) as bait. Alicia and Charlie had earlier considered exchanging Dakota for their own individual freedom. Well, what a twist. 

Things are about to get even darker and twisted from here as Morgan will have to wrestle with Grace being on one side and Virginia on the other. The battles are undoubtedly going to get more grueling. Morgan has been a new man since the beginning of the season, ever he managed to kill Virginia's bounty-hunter who had come looking for him and send his head back to her. Virginia had shot Morgan at the end of Season 5 and left him to die---so it's unlikely that Morgan is going to forget that soon either.  Will Grace become the casualty in all this crossfire or will Morgan actually manage to save her? The two had just realized their feelings for each other before Morgan was shot and well, almost consumed by Walkers. 

There are still many questions to address and the season is far from over. Following this 'Fear The Walking Dead', will go on a break and hopefully announce a return date soon. The show is the successful spin-off on 'The Walking Dead' series and airs on AMC, Sundays at 9 pm. 

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